Lessons from History...  

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12/22/2005 2:17 pm

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Lessons from History...

For reasons I cannot explain I have recently been reading books on medieval history. Specifically the battle if Agincourt.

Why do I mention this? Only because I've also been reading a book on the history of the English language, and it (along with the complex history surrounding the reign of Henry IV and Henry V) pointed to the lack of distinction between cultures.

To explain; consider the US of A. Basically you, like the UK are a mogrel nation. I do not mean that disrespectfully, far from it. I believe it is an admirable trait. We welcome all-comers. In fact, the US is in many ways more vituous that the UK in this respect. The UK was subject to invasion and conquest throughout the period circa 200AD through 1600AD, the medieval period around 14C through 16C being particularly unstable. We were invaded by (in no particular order) Angles, Saxones, Jutes, Danes, various Germanic tribes, the Romans, and the French. We in turn invaded many of these nations. The sovereignty of Britain changed hands many times. Arguably (despite our animosity with the French) many "Englishmen" are decended from French blood. Many of our kings have been French by blood (heck out current Queen is German by decent).

In contrast, the seed of the US population was disaffected citizens of the UK. Bolstered (voluntarily) by various nations over the intervening 200+ years.

My point is, we're all related. We're all decended from common stock. If we trace our ancestry back, even a few generations, we can find common beginnings. (Let's face it you only have to go back [and I'm assuming we all accept Darwinian evolution rather than the crackpot "Intelligent Design" nonsense] about 300 generations of so, and we're all swinging through the trees together.)

So, the next time you're thinking about international politics. Remembers, we're all related. We may have our sibling quarrels (sadly they tend to cost more lives than a simple sibling rivalry - but that's what happens when people blindly follow a leader), but at the end of the day "He ain't heavy, he's you're brother".

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