It's not a Man's World, it's a numbers game  

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10/2/2005 3:53 am

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It's not a Man's World, it's a numbers game

Online dating. In this world the women rule the roost, almost any woman putting up even the most cursory profile (with or without a picture) is almost guaranteed a flood of responses. In fact most women seem to complain they get too many (especially from you fellahs' who don't read the profiles ).

So, what about the fellahs? Well, look at the numbers. In the UK there are around 1.1 MILLION men registered on the site, and only 50 Thousand women. So, for every woman there are at least 20 men.

You sometimes see guys saying "I've been on here for X time and I haven't had any contacts". OK, Here's one possible reason...

The ladies don't need to search, they're getting bombarded already. Of those few that choose to look the chances that you are mister perfect and living in the same country/state are pretty damn slim.

Any man (based on the UK figures) who sends out 20 emails MIGHT get a single "possible" - often a "possible but I'm too busy right now".

So, assuming your an average Joe, update you profile, and send a LOT of emails (but read the profile's first!).

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