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10/12/2005 1:35 pm

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Following the good example of some other bloggers I'm seting up an index. (It's amazing how much you can write in such a short time, and not realise it.) At the moment it's just a list of blog entries, in future I may group them. (Who knows? Exciting isn't it? Nah, you're right, just get on with it already.)

Vaginal Fisting
Trying deperately to cheer mysel fup
Trying to lift my spirits
The reason we use pseudonyms
It's the worst feeling in the world when you cause someone distress
Childish but made me laugh
Think on...
Thanks to fello AFFers I tried something new...
Joke... (okay, I'm bored)
A little poem...
Can you be "just good friends"?
The problem with posting as the mood takes you...
Rodeo sex
Paying for sex...
Greetings cards
Some advice on anger (from my grandfather)
Woo hoo!
What a fun weekend!
Another day...
End of a long week
A response to mzhuneyhole
More on masks...
First Time (Part 3)
Wearing a Mask
Telemarketing HA!
A guy's laying in bed....
Why men talk about their cock on AFF!
Story: First Time (part 2)
If you were a vehicle what would you be?
Damn that pictures bad!
What do I look for in a woman?
It's not a Man's World, it's a numbers game
G-spot vs. Prostate
New start to a new day
First time...
Story: OK, here's the dirty story
Blogs. Worth the effort?
Body Image
The Great Fake Orgasm Debate!
Story: You know, you have one of those evening...
An interesting conumdrum
The Dating Game at 39
Story: Day two - still not bored
Blog entry one - what the fuck am I doing?

rockwriter58 56M
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12/21/2005 12:25 pm

This is a great idea for blogs. I wonder why the administrators don't set one up for you with the software?

I'm thinking of doing a basement project like keithcancook does now and again... perhaps leaving comments in the various indeces and linking them.

If you are interested in my backpages, try: Ruminations Index (A-E); Ruminations Index ( F - O ); and Ruminations Index (P-Z).

Happy Holidays!


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