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rm_deaminveni 50M
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10/23/2005 1:45 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Fun with technology

Here's a fun thing to try (and perhaps more importantly a cautionary tale for those with silhouette photos on their profile).

Some people post silhouette pictures on their profiles. Cool. Now, save that picture to you machine. Open it with a good graphics editing tool (The GIMP is free, or Photoshop if you have the purse). Open the Levels tool and slide the white level to the left - ta-dah! If the picture has not been properly silhouetted you'll get to see their lovely face.

Now, if you HAVE one of these pictures I suggest you try this. Then, if you really want to preserve your anonymity, take the picture, select the silhouette region and fill it with black, save the picture, and replace the one on you profile with the treated version - that way this trick won't work.

ArgosPlumyKooky 45F
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10/25/2005 6:49 am

shoot, i did one the other day, but fearing exactly what you described, i scribbled over my face. is this sufficient precation? i better run your test. i don't care terribly about my true identity being exposed, but there are crazies out there so i keep it under wraps

rm_deaminveni 50M
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10/25/2005 11:18 am

More than happy to handle you personally hbgirl

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