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rm_deaminveni 50M
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10/29/2005 1:45 pm

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Employee Awards

WTF! Employee awards really get me steamed! I've been set-off in this little rant when I was writing I work for an asshole. Before going on I would like to stress that this rant is not "bitterness" merely an observation - I work for myself and my employer is very generous in both his praise for my work and the remuneration he makes to me for that work .

Anyone who thinks that these 'employee awards' are anything more than a cheap way for the company to 'stroke' them is living in a dream.

Now, I've seen some very worthwhile prizes awarded on these schemes. A client I worked for recently takes around twenty employees (and their 'significant other') each year on a one week expenses paid Caribean cruise. Now, that's not too shabby as a prize.

Here's the thing though. That money could have been spent on something that would have benefited every employee (like better canteen facilities, or better equipment on the desktops). As it is the award is devisive and actually has the opposite affect to that intended.

People do not think throughout the year 'Oooh, I must do X so that I get to go on the cruise', or 'Oooh, I mustn't do Y just in case I don't get to go on the cruise'. In fact the cruise is only mentioned when the awards are announced. So the net effect of this award on the quality of peoples work is ZERO. People who work gard and do good work, just do. They also tend to move jobs until they find an employer who really appreciates their work and rewards them with either a good pay package or excellent and challenging working conditions (not some poxy, largely random, reward scheme).

Ah, but the award 'rewards outstanding contributions' by employees. Bollocks, it rewards popularism and cronyism. The awards are ultimately decided by management, so employees that are 'in' with management will get the awards.

What these awards do is devalue everyone except the people who get the awards. Almost universally you hear people saying, 'damn I worked my ass of this year and I didn't get the award. That asshole Jenkins did fuck all and he's on the cruise. Well, next year they can stick it up their arse if they think I'm going the extra mile.'

The positive effect of the 'reward' is also short lived, people soon forget it, the negative effect is more damaging (people tend to hold a grudge a lot longer than they appreciate any award). Especially when the 'reward' is some poxy plaque or badge. I mean, who gives a shit that the jerks they work for gave them a badge declaring that they worked harder than their co-workers for the same pay? Hang on! Yeah, 'Employee of the Month', a plaque on the restaurant wall declaring the Richard Head worked harder than his colleages but WE THE COMPANY got away with only paying him a regular salary. The company is not only taking the piss, they're publicising it!

'Ooh, ooh, please Mr COMPANY MAN let me work harder than my colleagues for the same pay, I REALLY want that plaque'. Hmm! Not heard that one very often.

The irony is that if an employer had a 'Wall of Shame' and posted employees' names on it whose work sucked they'd have law suits all over them for picking on some lazy prick.

So, you can tell someone they're doing a good job and post it on the wall, but you can't tell someone they're doing a bad job and post it on the wall? Why the f%^k not!?

I'd put up a a plaque saying 'Anyone not on this plaque is not pulling their weight and better start looking for another job'. But I guess that would be picking on people too.

warmandsexy52 64M
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10/29/2005 5:58 pm

Shared corporate rewards are the only credible ones. The trouble is too many companies still patronise employees, rather than consider them as stakeholders, working as teams towards common success.

rm_deaminveni 50M
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10/30/2005 3:43 am

Spot on warmandsexy!

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