Back to work, and other things  

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1/6/2006 3:13 pm

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Back to work, and other things

OK, funs over - or just started (depending on your point of view). Back to work this week.

An office move to end the week, otherwise largely uneventful. Next week we really get started as pretty much everyone returns on the 9th.

This weekend is a nice quite one for me (I always enjoy some solitude after Christmas). Plenty of reading, a little drinking, some good food, music, and sleep. Aaah, life is good.

Oh yeah, and get a haircut! (One inch on top and half an inch on the sides - thank you.)

Next weekend. I celebrate my friends birthday (the one I was talking about last post). So busy Saturday evening. Apparently her friend (who I met some years ago) will be there too. I did jokingly suggest a threesome but I don't think that's going to happen (but hope springs eternal ). [Behave yourself!]

(It's a bit sad when you start editorialising your own posts [Yes, it is!]).

As for the Sims. No progress I'm afraid, but perhaps this weekend I'll get time to progress the Sue/Felicity story.

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