SPAM - Yeuk!!!  

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6/26/2006 12:34 pm

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SPAM - Yeuk!!!

Isn't spam vile? I have used it as bait for trout fishing and even they won't touch it ... and they'll eat anything. I've even used tinfoil(aluminum foil for any over the pond) and they've taken it.

Wot that has to do with out,I don't know

I forgot to mention, I (well not me, the local councils idea of speed restriction did), broke the suspension on my baby (car - Lil'BLU). It went off like a bomb, thought the CV joint have gone, It cost a bloody fortune (well £600 - ish) to repair. I was only doing 5mph. Was the council interested - what do you think (our survey says????). Well it got worse, I had to let it stand for a couple of weeks, skint, so the battery went flat, then when I got it to the garage, 500m away, they discovered the ECU had decided to give up - nice, £800 from Pugrot dealer. Found a refurb one locally so saved a fortune their and all this was 5 days before I needed Lil'BLU to take us on hols - Aaaaaargh, panic stations. As it worked out, everything went sweet and I got her back on Friday morning and off we went, and had a great time.

Well done England, another below par performance in the Footy, but job done. Poor Becks eh? Emptying the contents of his stomach all over the pitch .... lol.

Back to me hols, for a while, nowt flash, non of this Zante, Corfu, Majorca stuff - Joined the trash set this year and spent a week in a caravan at Primrose Valley - well what do expect? After all I am now officially unemployed and very skint - so if anyone needs a van driver (non-HGV) in the north east of England with loads of multi-drop experience, then I'm just the bloke for that job.

Haven't been wasting my time mind, I have learned loads of new 'core skills', like washing up, hoovering, using the washing machine ..... lol. But I still can't work the Iron, I think that one might be beyond me, but I'll keep trying.

Fishing, yes back to fishing. I haven't been for ages, {memo to self} "must do more fishing". Love it, more for the R&R in the peace & quiet of rural Durham/Northumberland, enjoying some QT with myself. Fresh caught trout has to be tasted to believed as a Mr. Mathews says "bootifull, really bootiful".

I actually feel really good today, a bit mischievous even, think I need the company of an nice lady (or 2,), sorry fellas, purely for conversation you understand, ahem !!!

I could rabbit on forever today, but I won't. I might start to bore myself, never mind you poor soles who maybe reading this, lol.

S'l8er then X - 4 the Lady's

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