Is it all worth while 2  

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8/13/2006 1:17 pm

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Is it all worth while 2

In a short answer YES.

I'm feeling happy and back on track to quote my original 'is it all worth while'

'I have one special friend, and nothings even happened yet - and looks like it may never. That makes me sad. When we talk it's fun, like the song says "Sunshine on a rainy day".But lately, I feel like I'm been avoided, maybe it's just me - paranoid, as usual ... lol. '

Yes I was just been paranoid, things will happen, just not yet. Its quite difficult for both of us. We are both married with kids and working, so getting time together is unbelievably hard.

I'm going against everything I was looking for from this site, this lady is very special to me and makes me s feel so good about myself, she's even changed my attitude towards people, like herself, who are of a bigger build and I thank her for it.

We managed to grab a rather fleeting, slightly seedy kiss, the other day - in some disabled loo's (hence the seedy), but jeese was it intense, well for me it was, the relief, just to spend a moment alone, together was fantastic. I could have held her in my arms forever. It was all good fun and all the more interesting because she was out with friends and me with the other half, we were even chatting all together for a while, the buzz was unreal and nobody suspected anything.

Well I'm going to take it easy with this one, we've told each other how we feel and I'm happy with that, but I'm actually quite scared of what may/may not happen (more what may)in the future. We'll deal with that when or if it happens, I'm sure everything will be fine. Scared may be a bit overkill, should we say worried? Don't know - even that says it too strongly.

All I'll say is, I've thought about things and I'm nervous, yes thats better, nervous.

What I will say is, she may be slightly larger than average, but she is an incredibly beautiful and sexy lady, in all ways - personality and looks.

rm_deBoss1969 47M

8/14/2006 11:49 am

DOH!!! indeed. What a nice guy that must have been to send a text like that. I'm sure he thinks a lot of you, indeed you must be very special to him.

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