the hotel, part 2, continued from my last post...  

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5/9/2006 4:55 pm

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the hotel, part 2, continued from my last post...

The elevator doors open, but we never stop kissing...

Pulling you in the direction of my room we walk, stumble, hands groping pausing every few steps, our need too great..until we get to my room. You pin me up against the wall, kissing my neck, hands sliding down my body, up under my shirt, caressing my breasts. I can't concentrate enough to get my key card out of my bag. I want you, need you right there, in the hallway if we have to, I dont care. Finally the key is produced and after a few attempts to coordinate the opening of the door, laughing, we fall inside...clothes flying...i unbutton your shirt and remove your lift mine over my head and take off my bra so we are there both naked from the waist up..jeans still on. You take me in your arms, our bodies pressed together, I feel your heat, your breath on me, kissing my neck, hands cupping my breasts, kissing lower as my hands slide down your body..lower over your arms, lower over your waist..lower....I unbutton your jeans...dying to free that now large bulge as you unbutton mine....

Kicking off our jeans, we fall to the pressed on you. Kissing your neck, one hand inside your boxers, resting on your hip. Your hand in my hair pulling me tighter to you..the kissing so intense I feel like i am going to explode right there....I slow you down, wanting now to savor you...tease you...torture you....

Kissing down your body..trailing lower over your chest, your belly button, to the top of your boxers....licking lightly over the bulge that has me so hungry for you. You moan as I tease you....I remove your boxers and your cock springs free. My fingers trace your inner thighs, your hips...teasing not touching what you are now begging me to mouth so close you can feel my breath. Finally you feel me trace the edges of your shaft with my tongue...under over...around the tip....teasing, playing....I cant take it anymore...i have to taste you.

I press my lips and tongue against the wetness there on the head of your cock, just tasting you, smelling you. I need to drink you.

I know what you want. I want it too. I want the beginnings of your come on my lips and tongue, and so I roll the tip alone of your cock against my lips like I would lipstick, brushing you. Looking up at you I start to take you in my feel my hot wet mouth close around your shaft...lightly sucking...taking you tongue swirling around your thick hand and the base guiding you deeper in my mouth..pumping slowly as i suck you...stoping only to lick up the length of your other hand gently tugging your balls....I continue teasing sucking playing..taking you deeper deeper into my throat. Watching your face as I suck you...tasting your pre-cum...your face is priceless.

To be continued.....

singleNsd25 40M

5/11/2006 10:21 pm

Well well well my one and only sexy DChoney... You better get over here soon. Can't wait much longer... How come you took down your picture?

rm_dchoney74 42F

5/14/2006 5:05 am

I hope you don't mind me sharing this with the world baby...but I like your ending of our story better...

"As you stare into my eyes my face priceless from you taking me deeper and deeper into your mouth I give you a wink and pull your face up to mine so I can give you the most intense passionate kiss you ever had. Our tongues darting in and out of each other's mouths. Gently biting your bottom lip as I begin to lick your lips...your ears..your neck... Working my way down to your nipples. Gently biting on them as you begin to moan rubbing your clit against my hard cock... You want so badly to slide onto my cock but I wont let you just yet. I turn you around and grab your legs pulling your ass and pussy towards my face.
I grab your ass with both my hands as you take my cock into your hands. My hands spread your pussy as my tongue begins to lick your push back against my mouth wanting my tongue deep in you. I pull back as your mouth wraps around my cock taking it all the way in. You lick up and down my shaft begging for me to fuck you already. Wanting my thick hard cock deep in you. In due time baby i will but not yet. I pull you back into my face. Licking the outside of your pussy. Rubbing your clit with my fingers. Spreading your now soaking wet pussy with my hands and fucking you with my tongue.

I stop for just a moment and move you to the side and lay you down on your back. Kissing your lips you tasting your sweet juices and me tasting mine. I kiss your neck...suck on your nipples...kissing down your stomach.. kissing your inner thigh...licking the outside of your soaking wet pussy. Nibbling on your swollen clit. Sliding one..then two..then three fingers inside you. Licking up all of your I stare into your eyes you moaning with pleasure.. Grinding your hips into my face. you hands on the back of my head pushing into your pussy. My tongue deep inside licking up as much as I could. I pull back and sit up on my knees.

Your legs spread wide open before me. I take the head of my cock and rub it across your clit. Teasing your pussy with the head of my cock. Slowly I slide just the tip of my cock into your waiting pussy. I grab under your legs and slowly slide my cock in your wet pussy. With one hard thrust I slide all the way into you. My balls slapping against your ass. Pulling you as hard into me as I can as I begin to pump my cock in and out of your hot wet tight pussy. Leaning down to kiss your oh so sexy and sweet lips. Our tongues darting in and out of our mouths. My cock in and out of your pussy....I pick you up while my cock is still deep inside you. And roll over onto my back allowing you to ride up and down on my cock. You take all of me inside you and stop. Grinding in a circle your hands rubbing over my chest. My fingers tracing the outside of your lips. You suck on my fingers...My fingers rubbing your clit as your grind hard onto my cock...My mouth on your nipples gently biting them..and then blowing on them... We look into each others eyes as you begin to ride up and down on my hard cock. Faster and scream out your going to cum and you want me to cum with you. I grab your hips and move you up and down meeting your downward thrusts with upward thrusts.

We lock lips as we both start to cum. I can feel your muscles tighten around my cock as you explode into orgasm I begin to cum as well.. shooting my cum inside you. As I cum another rush comes over you and you collapse onto me and sink onto my still hard cock. we lay intertwined and fall asleep in each others arms...... "

jockey212 49M  
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5/14/2006 5:24 am

COLOR indigo]After reading the continuation of your deliciously arousing story, I found myself browsing for hotels and wondering which ones might offer the best erotic environment. Perhaps I'll be fortunate enough to find out with you

singleNsd25 40M

5/14/2006 6:16 pm

Hey baby.... Now of course I don't mind you sharing it with the world. We just have to work on making this little story a reality. Soon though very soon we shall... Lots of licks n nibbles baby!!!!!

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