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6/26/2006 7:02 am

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So, after several months and hundreds of messages,guess who we managed to fulfill a fantasy with???? My sister. ...Hold on let me explain.
We had a girlie night out and the conversation led us to sex as she is recently divorced and gagging for it! So I took a chance and told her about our AdultFriendFinder exploits and how frustrated I'd become with the time-wasters, but also how my partner and I had opened up to new possibilities of not just ffm but couples. She roared with laughter and could believe her younger sister was such a dirty cow!

But that wasn't the bombshell, I told her that there was only one person I would trust with my fella and that was her[I]..."NO WAY"! she shouted. Yes and the truth is that I knew she'd always been complimentary about him and a bit envious of our relationship and sex life. She quizzed if I'd been put up to this and I told her that my fella didn't even know that I'd thought of her, as he/we wanted to keep it private. Needless to say, the night unfolded and we drank to every possibility of what could, would, might be done, before heading home, laughing and giggling like we haven't done for many a year.

When we got in, I was so enlightened and felt so fucking aroused, I just grabbed my sister and led her upstairs to our bedroom, crept in as my fella was sound asleep. I didn't need to say anything to my sister, from this point on, it was so instinctive what happened next. I pulled the sheets back and started to suck his cock hard, he stirred and moan a little and then I made my sister suck his cock while I move up to kiss him on the lips. As he woke up, his face was a picture when he realized that I couldn't possibly be kissing and sucking him at the same time....I looked him in the eye and whispered calmly " Look after her, I'm sleeping in the spare room".[/B] Still dazed we exchanged glances and he simply pulled her into bed. I'd like to add that my sister was whole heartedly sucking his cock with a passion and had already undone her top and taken her knickers off.

I left the bedroom door open and listened to them while I made myself come again and again, so much so that I felt I was coming each time I heard their moans. Oh the thought of my sister being fucked by my fella's big black cock was beautiful, I knew she'd be enjoying herself.

Remember, my sister had not had sex for at least 6 months and she screamed with such longing that I knew he must have starting to finger and lick her. I heard him starting to dominate her, he loves talking dirty and has such a deep sexy voice that you feel powerless to resist, and telling her to turn over as her licked her from behind and I waited patiently for her next outcry, as I knew he would plunge his tongue into her tight arse...and true to his form, she did. The dirty bitch was getting all my treats!

I was exhausted by what I could hear and needed a rest, so I crept to the door and watched as he plunged his cock into her dripping pussy with such disrespect, then pulled her by her hair to face him and forced his cock into her mouth...she didn't offer much resistance, in fact she responded aggressively, taking him deep and biting hard with her teeth and unbelievable started to plunge her finger into his arse.

By now they had both noticed I was watching and seemed to up the anti and put on a show for me. I have never been so arouse just watching two people so close to me fucking each other. I wanted to see more, so I instructed him to fuck her arse, my sister couldn't wait and quickly turned around and with both hands pulled her arse cheeks apart in readiness(Oh! I so wanted that cock in me, right now). He pulled her toward the edge of the bed and positioned her precisely, gently sliding in initially allowing her to accommodate him and then suddenly exploded into a pounding action which made me light headed just watching. My poor sister screamed for mercy, all the time never really wanting him to stop. Her head rising in estacy and collapsing to the bed whenever she surrendered! His body Arch and stiffen I knew he was about to fill her with his hot cum. I wasn't able to watch any longer, as I was making myself cum so strongly that I collapsed on my back awash with pleasure. He groaned like a warrior, she screamed like a school girl who's just had a naughty treat.

There was, what seemed like an eternity of silence, before my sister sighed "Oohhh, I needed that..".....Well you can imagine, you had to be there, we all burst into laughter.

Nothing more needed to be said, My sister just gathered her stuff and slept in the spare room and I got into bed and hugged tightly to my man.

It was perfect, unbelievable, instinctive, fun, horny and still I'm smiling.......

It's what sisters are for, isn't it?

PS: The next morning there was more to come, but I'll tell you about that another time, if you are interested.

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6/26/2006 7:58 am

that must have been a treat for him that would be awesome. good story would love to hear more.

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6/26/2006 8:00 am

Wow! That was some sisterly love I must say!

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