rm_dawg1587 29M
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8/26/2006 10:25 am

Ok so here it goes...I woke up this morning with a minor hangover from the previous night. I've just gotten back from walking downtown to see if this store got the video I wanted in. They didn't...I then had to walk my ass back to my apartment in this searing heat. "Why the hell didn't you drive?!" you might ask. It's downtown...there's hardly any parking spots and God knows that I can't afford to waste the gas looking for one. On a side note: gas prices blow. Now I'm sitting here contemplating what to do next. There's my rant for the day. Much better... If you're a girl in the Athens, GA area, send me a message so we can do something. Guy please don't be offended, I prefer girls over guys. (insert unnecessary smily here)

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