Poor me...  

rm_dashedevil 38F
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2/23/2006 8:03 am

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4/5/2006 6:49 am

Poor me...

I was supposed to meet a huy today. Knew him since last year. He's not from AdultFriendFinder. He's married with a kid and he's 30+ but he looked younger than his age. Made plans to meet up with him today. He even applied for leave today. But when I talked to him last night he sounded horrible. So in the end he can't turn up...sigh. Makes me a bit sad but since he's sick. Nvm he'll get well soon. However ihave to more proposal for next week. 'Rub hands gleefully.' Yummyy...

rm_Iluvasses77 39M

2/25/2006 10:13 am

awwww poor thing, but hey look at the bright side.. u can have anyone anytime soon ryte? in the meantime. enjoy the rest while u wait for him uknow what i mean ryte?

adultfriendlee2 39M
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3/7/2006 7:01 pm

Hi dashedevil,

I hope to get to know u better... my MSN contact

Hope to hear from u soon

25081971007 45M
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3/13/2006 8:10 am

sounds really bored....wanna keep in touch?

juicetrain_47 33M
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3/16/2006 12:08 pm

hey dashdevil mind addin me on msn... ma msn contact is juicetrain_47 at hotmail... plz do add me always had a thing for woman who are mothers...

rm_lauth 58

3/25/2006 2:51 pm

let him get better before both if you can meet again,
there plenty of time sooner or later you will meet him.
have a great time next week???

rm_wakatosex 42M
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6/2/2008 5:21 am

hello!! hihi

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