While in NYC  

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7/25/2005 6:32 am

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While in NYC

Well, what can I say about NYC? It was an exciting time, I enjoyed it a lot. While there (on business) I tried to find some lucky ladies via AdultFriendFinder, as much as I like AdultFriendFinder and think it's a great meet up site, I was very disappointed by the low response rate. I'm not sure if it was me or something else, I also didn't have a picture. So I contacted a bunch people and then uploaded a picture, it took almost two days for approval. By then I fear many that I contacted saw no picture and hence didn't bother going any further.

There was this one person that expressed interest, though she must have had cold feet. Though I didn't let this stop me from having fun. I was up almost till 2 am every business day checking out the night life. By Friday I was so horny I just couldn't take it any longer.

I started searching for escorts, we have been doing some work for an Asian bank and well there was so many sexy Asian girls walking around it was driving me nuts. So I went looking for an Asian hottie. I found one, her name Maya, man was that nice. I left the office early since we were done and I took off for 36th st. after getting a little cash and making an appointment. I was so hyped up about getting some fine pussy that I figured I would walk. It was over 15 blocks away. So needless to say I was hot sweaty and tired.

They had basic two call process and finally I was at the door. I was led in by Maya (one of 5) she was wearing a bathing suit (real tight). She led me to a room, stripped me and then let me to the bathroom. Now I am a big guy so she had to work extra hard. She ran the water and watered me down and then soaped me up, she cleaned my dick real good and under my legs and between my legs and every where else. She then had me turn around and she cleaned my back and ass and legs a between my ass crack. There was such an unexpected good feeling with her rubbing my asshole as she cleaned it. It felt very good, she also stroked me a bit to clean my dick and that was very nice.

She then led me to the room again, layed a towel on the bed and had me sit on it. She then took off for a minute and came back. She got undressed and gave me full access to her breasts. They were not as large as I like, my wife being a D cup and all. It was good enough for the moment. She then striped the lower part of her bikini and she was totally naked. She kissed me and laid me on my back. She kissed me some more and licked my nipples. I think she was excited because I went and felt her pussy and she was getting wet. She then went to my dick and started blowing me hard. Oh it was so good, I just loved it.

Finally she came back up on me and kissed some more while I fingered her and then she straddled me and slipped my dick into her hot waiting pussy. Man it felt good to have some pussy finally. She almost had a hard time taking me all the way in. Sure enough her pussy opened up. She seemed to be enjoying riding my dick (but you never know with escorts) and I was getting all caught up in the moment, I asked if I could eat her pussy. She looked at me with a surprised look and then switched positions (laying on her back) and I sucked her tits and then went down on her. Man what a tasty pussy, she must have been turned on by my surprise. I ate her out quite a bit and she was having uncontrollable movements thrusting her pussy into my mouth. I the slowed down since I wanted to fuck her now.

She was totally in the mood, her on her back, she lifted her knees up to her chest and I then mounted her, she guided my dick right into her. Damm it felt good, I started thrusting into her, now understand this I’m a big guy, she was like 99lbs. So with every thrust into her, I caused her to move closer to the head board until she had to use her arms above her head to keep from hitting the board. She almost seemed in pain, and enjoying it. Well I’m an honest guy so fucking her while she made all those noises just drove me to cum within 10 minutes. She seemed disappointed, so I figured I would go back to eating her out again. She just went nuts, she pulled my hair, squeezed my head between her legs and pushes her pussy into my mouth after about 5 minutes of that she grabs my hair and says I’m cumming. Then I taste the rush of her pussy juice into my mouth. Wow what a tasty pussy, is all I can say.

We lay down a bit and rubbed her all over. After a few minutes of that I wanted more. So I asked if she was up to me fucking her again and she says to me “how many times can you cum", well I told her normally 3 times and she was like no way too much for her. So after a few minutes and a bit more rubbing on my part she said “one more time OK”, so she got more protection and sucked me to hardness again. She lay down, I mounted and started thrusting, and then after a minute I said I want doggie style. She said ok and got on her knees. I then thrust my dick into her, after a couple minutes again she had problems due to my hard thrusting. She cried out "cum cum please", I finally came and she looked most relieved. We kissed and got up, got dressed and she took me to the door, we then shared a final kiss and I walked out the door.

I was pretty much a happy camper, almost felt like skipping back to the hotel to meet up with my business partner. Then remembered that walk and got a taxi I just didn’t have the energy any more LOL. I also hadn’t ate the entire day, knew it would slow me down and lower my performance if I did. My only compliant is that I have yet to ever meet another woman that can squeeze my dick while I fuck her then my wife, she’s the best fuck I ever had. If my wife wasn’t 1k miles away, and teasing me with pictures and dirty emails it wouldn’t have drove me nuts LOL, though I always wanted to try some Asian pussy.

Now we are currently looking for some local playmates for both of us here locally mainly another woman, and maybe another couple, would rather try another woman first, though it might be easier with another couple. We shall see.

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