Week 1 of AFF as a couple,  

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7/28/2005 12:18 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Week 1 of AFF as a couple,

I have been a AdultFriendFinder standard member since I think right before I was married (male component talking here). I got back from my NYC trip a week ago as many of you might know from my previous post. We decided we want to see couples, we don’t make this choice lightly and hence I went and had my account changed to a “man & woman couple” account. Then we both went out and starting browsing and emailing all those we were interested in. This has been exciting and we have gotten back a few response’s from people. Some people say they are interested though never go the next step and go beyond or continue to communicate. We had started chatting with a few couples and we have been able to formulate what we really desire.

We want what people call “Friends with benefits”, we want new friends (since we are both transplants) most of the people we know are neighbors or co-workers. Now going into a relationship with another couple, we only want other like minded, stable couples with matching resources would be nice. Nothing worse then one or the other not being able to do the same things we do, like going to a nice restaurant because of expense. Though don’t get us wrong, we are not money crazed people, just when we go out, we like to go some where other then a fast food joint. Why bother go out if you can’t go somewhere nice. Though keep in mind we don’t like going to fancy places much, too much dress up, but will for special reasons.

We want a couple that wants to do things as a couple, we are not interested in single men, but we are also interested in single women that are bisexual. We however are not interested in couples (regardless if it’s the female of the couple) that are interested in meeting alone. This is to avoid problems with the other couple; we also will not do anything apart of each other either.

We are not picky as some people are, we are pretty easy going and want to give this a real try, and we always follow though when we say we are going to do something or meet somewhere. We are also on the AdultFriendFinder IM at night during the week from time to time. We have children so one must understand we have to plan everything. So we can’t drop everything at a moments notice just because you want to go out.

As far as what we like, well like we said, we are not picky, though we demand drug free and decease free. We also want clean people that are nice not just to us but to each other, nothing worse then hearing another couple argue, at least in front of us. We are not the solution to ones marriage problems either. We have a stable marriage and just want to have fun, we have had 4 years being coped up with 2 kids and now we want to be adults again that’ s all there is to it.

Our first date we imagine would be going out for dinner or some activity. To test the grounds and see how everyone connects. We are not concerned with doing anything in the bedroom the first meet up, but if for some reason there is some good connections going on, then we will consider it greatly. Due to us having kids, and also great chance that the sitter will be watching them at our house (when out in Tallahassee). We would need a safe place to continue or flirting.

Now in the bedroom we have our own little issues, Dark7622F doesn’t do anal, but likes her ass hole licked and even penetrated a little (via mouth). She is up to just about every position and enjoys being fucked hard. She desires to have some FF experiences even if other men are in the room (the husbands for example). She likes tits and sucking on them. She hasn’t ever gone south and is uncomfortable with it, though she might consider it after another woman has gone south on her (depending on the heat of the moment). She does like to suck cock but gets pretty worked up and wants it in her before one could ever blow their wad. She is also clean shaven down south.

Now Dark7622M is very much into anything another woman would want, he does anal and likes all positions he’s able to do. He’s not a small guy and any woman would have to expect a real hard pounding when dealing with him. He has always wanted to do double penetration with a woman and another man. Some of the other things he would love doing is a woman on top riding while another citing on his face riding his mouth and both kissing while sitting on him. He likes getting his ass played with but hasn’t ever done another guy and isn’t comfortable with that. Plus what guy doesn’t like blow jobs.

Outside of the bedroom we enjoy movies and eating out plus checking out new things. We would want friends that are interested in public appearances and going out and even shopping, not just bedroom sex. We also like to travel a great deal but most of our travel has been limited to Florida and a lot to Orlando FL since we have kids you could only imagine how many times. We have a 2 bedroom timeshare thing that we have to use up this year, so that would be a cool trip, one would just have to put up with kids till they fell asleep, We plan to go in October sometime. Got seasonal tickets for Disney, we also have a Miami trip and Jacksonville trip coming up too. Both of which we will have or can get sitters for the kids (weekend things).

So if anything of this is a problem for you, you probably shouldn’t contact us. Once we have our 2-3 couple group (or very active 1 couple) we will probably stop looking on AdultFriendFinder. We are not out to fuck every couple in town. So contact us if you are interested. We will post our first experience once it happens, did I tell you that we are both new to this? Like a virgin, for the very first time, like a virrrrgin like a virgin whoooo.

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7/28/2005 11:45 pm

Hey read your blog and are in definate agreement. We loved talking to you guys and are looking forward to our outing.

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