End of an experiement  

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10/6/2005 9:20 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

End of an experiement

Well, we have been on AdultFriendFinder since July, we have had nearly 20 dates, and other then one first little soft swap experience with our very first date (on 3rd date), we have had no further experiences.

No sparks, no hot excitement, nothing. Our last attempt at maybe getting with a couple seems to have gone to the wind. We officially give notice; we are no longer in the swinging world! Yep you heard right, we bite the dust, if you are not in shape or at least nearly in shape or maybe just something other then big, then people don’t want to mess with you. Oh I know what some of you are saying right now, easier said then done is what I tell you.

So we will just let this account go till it expiries and we are standard members and no longer able to email anyone, not that we would.

What went wrong you ask? Well there is the “being big” thing, there is the personality thing, and there our economic status in life. Ok, we are big, no big deal there, we have personalities that are out there and well we are in the upper middle class in life. You know how many people we met that could barely afford to eat at the restaurant we as a group decided on? Do you know how many can’t even afford gas to reach a location, or even how many were just day to day living and can’t plan a week ahead (forget about a month ahead). During this whole experience we had yet met anyone in our age group (probably plenty of 40+ in your economic status) with the same resources? We have even been turned down because people didn’t feel they could keep up (way too many times on that one) with us.

Yea we may drive a 40k SUV, we may have a hot tub, big house in the best area of town, and more credit cards then we know what to do with sometimes, plus thousands available to us as resources, but that doesn’t make us any less human. We desired to experience others and meet new friends; we are transplants in the area and know very few other people. It seems that everyone in our economic status either doesn’t do this or is fit and in shape, very few fat middle upper class people I guess, or they are way older.

Though I believe more then anything that our weight has a lot to do with it, though it could be that we have little in common with some of the people that we meet, they saw pictures of us before we met; maybe they thought we would have some things in common. Then find out we are different, we don’t tend to think like others, some would say we are alone. It’s odd though; I and Donna both have a very similar experience growing up. We grew up in two separate and totally different worlds, her in the Deep South, me in Miami. Yet we both grew up isolated and pushed away and never included in things with others. We always wanted to do things with others and always tried, but was always pushed away or made to feel stupid or inferior to the rest of the group (group being class or school).

We both come from very poor backgrounds and our tail is only part way though and yet we have done more then most in our families as far as career and life. We both have so much to be thankful for, well truth is known, and she had it easy, since all she had to do was marry me LOL. Me I had to work from the age of 16 (well legally that is, really started at 14) , at age 18 I brought some land up in North Florida (Madison, F, I paid payments, there was no water, electric or sewage, I had a little camper trailer and lived in that for 3 years while I saved up money to get the electric brought in (they had to run 20+ poles just to reach the edge of the property), I got a septic tank installed and got a well drilled (well last) I worked in everything you could think of, from cleaning toilets to working as a newspaper delivery. When I turned 21 I went and got a double wide trailer put in, stayed there for the next 4-5 years till we moved here to Tallahassee, finally sold the old house and land, got a house here. All during that time I was also attending school, I remember taking my GED test, I was 19 when I did, I had quite school when I was 16 (on my birthday) I had finished the test before anyone else and left. Later I went to pick up the results (about 1 week later) at the time, you could get a top possible score of 284, and I got like 280, just 4 points from a perfect score. You only needed 214 or something to pass. People were crying, everyone had to come in at the same time to pick up the test, so these people were there when I took the test, amazing how many failed, it was a cake walk (I thought).

Shortly after that I wanted to join the armed forces, figured what better way to pay for school? Well, I went to the air force recruiters office and they took my info and had me take a test, I came to find out later that it was actually a IQ test, just with a different name. They showed me my results, 134, only 2 percent of the US population I was told. I couldn’t give up my freedom, they weren’t going to let me fly, too tall they told me, had to lose quite a bit of weight no mater what I picked (which I was ok with). Though my dream is to fly, it’s still my dream. If I couldn’t fly, I wanted no part of the Air Force, so I turned down a 10k sign bonus plus free schooling, they called me for months. I later went and took a standard IQ test at a school locally and had the results sent, it stated 134, on the dot, I wonder if that’s why I’m always different.

I don’t normally brag, I’m very humble and never show off. I was raised better. I go though all of this as my own frustration has not given me any answers. Dealing with other humans has always been a pain in the#$, never been good at it. Donna has much of the same problems, it takes her a bit to get comfortable, and people misread that as her not being interested. If dating one human was hard enough, dating 2 others and dealing with one full time is very taxing. It’s sucked up most of my free time to where it’s taken over my side work; I have little time for the joys of life, little time for family, little time to make extra money. This is all very bad! All the time and hours invested in so many relationships, time online, going out, all just to be rejected, is such a horrible price to pay. If I had used the same time to make money, man how much further ahead would I have been these past few months? I have projects lagging both side and main job, so I can’t continue like this. After my last trip out of town, we have came to a conclusion, it’s cheaper just to hire an escort and fuck with her for an hour or two, then to waste all of our time online trying to meet people and hook up. Much cheaper and no drama, we like that. We can always get a male to play, they aren’t so fucking picky, hence free (dumb asses).

So bye everyone, go about your selfish shallow immature ways, we don’t have time for you anymore.

Joe & Donna

rm_2potent2stop 48M
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10/21/2005 6:18 am

For being successful people, you seem to place blame on others...rather than addresses what is your own issues. You think the issues you have faced are only wieght problems? Many people have stories of success and failure...honestly your's is no great story to have overcome. It seems you are intelligent enough to have found some level of success in the monetary world...but what about personability? Given your intellect you would propose the world is simply filled with dumb asses because you are frustrated. Why don't you instead empower yourself to be successful? You seem to be able to do this in your financial world. People who attain real success in life know that it encompassess each and every aspect...mind, body, business, relationships. If you would have spent all the time and effort wasted here as you say on making yourself more attractive...ever hear of the gym, diet...exorcise? People looking for erotic fun don't care about credit cards...should they? ESCORTS do...so if money is your treasure then buy what you want instead of changing yourself into getting what you want!

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11/19/2005 3:52 am

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pookiepook2005 42M
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11/29/2005 5:19 pm

Normally, I am not a person who is easily annoyed, however, having read your post I feel compelled to comment on the self-absorbed rant before me. I would like to make it clear that my husband and I were one of your 'dates' so there will be no ambiguity as to how I know the things I am about to put forth. First, I want to call into question your 'humbleness'. From the time we met you, the main topics of conversation were your money and possessions. I have heard more about your SUVs, special cell phone, and enormous house than I ever needed to. We made it clear to you that those things held no interest for us (although I suppose, for you, that is inconceivable). , you persisted in rambling on and on about it. I am a Socialist, I could care less about money and stuff as long as no one starves to death and everyone can live happily. My husband and I are also environmentalists; we cannot understand the fixation you seem to have with gas guzzling pollution machines. You, on the other hand seem to feel your economic status, along with your weight, was a cause of consternation for other people. Here is a news flash, "Not everyone cares as much as you do about material gain!" Another item of note, economic status does not imply class status. You, sir are a fine example of this.

My next item of business is this notion you have that your weight is an issue. My husband is a big person and I am medium sized. My conclusion? Your weight was never an issue. However, your overt advances, lack of sensitivity for other's worldviews, and lack of maturity were issues. Differences like class, race, gender, religion, or weight are completely unimportant and petty to my husband and me. You have made your weight an issue by constantly harping on it.

Third, there is the issue of your lack of respect for women, including your own wife. The comments you make about female escorts and the comment you made about your wife not needing to do anything in life but marry you (in your rant), demonstrates to me (if I didn't know it already) that you regard women as playthings and not equal human beings. I am a person who takes equality very seriously. I will not tolerate people who regard women as toys to pleasure men. Having met you and your wife, I can tell you that you got the better deal. She is a sweet woman who is obviously marginalized by you. I liked your wife, however, she needs to stand up to you and let you know that you do not own her.

Fourth, while your biography was interesting, to be sure, I feel that, in a similar way to your materialism, your view of your own intelligence is overblown. Perhaps your IQ is indeed high or perhaps it is not. I would like to see the results of such a test along with the circumstances of its administration. I know that often such tests are skewed. As for the one from the military, I also know that many people score highly on these tests. They are trying to recruit you and what better way to do so than to artificially inflate the IQ test results and then shower you with praise and promises, making you want to sign up right then. It is quite a simple tactic, really. Having experienced the same thing in high school, I speak from experience, however I was never a big enough fool to fall for it.

Fifthly and finally, if your IQ is indeed 134, which I find it hard to believe having met you, then why is your command of the English language and its grammar rules so poor? You constantly misuse words such as 'then' and 'than', forget and/or misuse punctuation, misquote colloquialisms, and so forth. You use language at the junior high school level and that disturbs me for someone who supposedly has an IQ of 134. Now, everyone makes the occasional grammar or spelling mistake, but you, my friend, chew up the English language and spit it out.

In conclusion, I would like to say that perhaps it is you that has the problem. Perhaps no one cares for your materialism, selfishness, crudeness, and lack of manners. That, coupled with your Freudian issues was enough to put me off. Perhaps you should see a therapist who will help you deal with your issues with overcompensation and women. Maybe then, you will be able to understand that no one is perfect (no matter what the size of his or her income, bank account, or SUV) least of all someone who is completely self-absorbed. In case you are having trouble following, I will sum up. Your problems on AdultFriendFinder and in life are caused by you and you alone. Given the sheer number of people in the world and then you, I would say that you are doing something wrong. Statistics overwhelmingly suggest that, given the number of people you have met in life and on AdultFriendFinder, and given the number of people you have found to tolerate you in life (I'll give you two, counting yourself) YOU ARE THE PROBLEM! Do you understand? Good. Have a nice life.

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