Sexual identity : The Bisexual in the 21st Century  

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4/24/2005 6:26 pm

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Sexual identity : The Bisexual in the 21st Century

I have recently "come out" as a Bisexual Man at least to myself, I didn't get a tattoo on my forehead or anything; and I'm MAD AS HELL AND I AIN"T GONNA TAKE ANYMORE! I may even go to a gay pride parade, That is if there is someway I can be assured the Queers won't hit on me.

In the current American society, norms dictates sexuality is BLACK and WHITE and their is two clear and distinct groups. Born homosexual the gay gene or choice. I thought we live in the land of free choice??? The HETRO'S and HOMO'S, pure and simple. And like all principled bigots the majority, the GAYS and LESBO'S should be, at best be tolerated, and typically hated, made fun of, discriminated against, and always ostracized. Some will even wave a bible and condemned to eternal damnation.

Allow me to rent the Vail of the Temple and cast out the "moneychangers" and Hypocrites and show the pearls of truth before you. Society has perpetuated a great LIE against all our citizens. There is NO black and white , only gray And I thought free will was what the whole apple thing was about ? America our land of the free you don't have the choice to suck cock if a man and eat pussy if your a woman.

If I remember the statistic from the History channel program 60% of the people are Bisexual.
That includes, people who have had a homosexual experience, and people who Fantasize about it. And we all know that if you sin in your heart you have sinned. Ask Jimmy Carter! Active and passive bisexuals who have committed homosexual acts in mind or deed.
Do the math the Homosexuals should be the MAJORITY 60% active or passive bisexuals and the 10% homosexuals. The Hetro's are the minority, right? Wrong! Tyranny reigns our fair land when it comes to FREE CHOICE in YOUR bedroom! And you ain't seen nothin yet. The bible thumpers are coming to get YOU, and SOON. AND don't bother to locking your bedroom door, they have omniscience on their side! The tyranny is to control YOUR FREE CHOICE and FREE WILL of sexuality, identify, and GENDER. And boys they want you by the balls and ladies you by the short hairs. They want to control your FIRST choice, your SEXUALITY! Now they have the QUEER GENE.

What a fucking joke! The Queer gene. Well nature, which is Gods creation, just doesn't work that way! Human sexuality and sexual pereferance and practice is a bell shaped curve! In college you learned 2% either side,8% next then a rounding hump which connects the two ends.
Well Thought black and white 10% of the and all of us STRAIGHT ACTING 90%. Right Pat Roberts and the rest of you "money changers"?

Why a bell shaped curve? SURVIVE, just as Darwin discovered in the 19th century. A bell shaped curve helps permitted the survivals of the species. Within a species the bell shape curve demonstrates common morphological features of a genius, which is another bellshaped curve,ornithological forming a family. And we all remember and never forget from college ontology recapitulates pologiny. And Phylogeny is demonstrated by the fossil record thought time. (see fossil horses and bell shaped curves demonstrating EVOLUTION of the horse in American fossil record)

But no we all play the fools and live the LIE because no one will openly tell you for fear of consequences of being a god damn HOMO. Well I'm BISEXUAL and I don't give a fuck what you think about it! This is the first time in my life I have been true to my self. Thats what's important to me And the next woman I marry will know I Bi cuz This white boy isn't living tne LIE nomore!

I think that 98% of the people are sexual,with exception of the ASEXUALS. The "MAN" and their church have them so confused they don't have any sex at all. How come no one discriminates against them? Cuz they perpetuate the myth and The "MAN" has the most control of them the greatest ternary. They don't do it nobody not even to themselves! Celibacy now there's the unnatural act, and for me the ultimate perversion. I'm a growing boy and need my sex daily.
Then we have the UNISEXUAL they only have sex with themselves, so technally they are having same sex sex so they are homosexuals. Hope that gives you naughty people a little more gilt. The higher power had intended SEX to be a shared experance. A simple human shareing and mutually shared experance. ,And I have some bad news for the bible thumpers..Recent ultrasound has detected fetus performing masturbator acts. So if we all diddled ourselves in the womb we are all homosexuals.

Then we have the AMBISEXUALS this is the ability to masturbate with either hand and switch hands without loosing stroke or rhythm with practiced mastery. I have been an AMBISEXUAL and I coined the word to describe the condition and my frustration.

The FIRST AMBISEXUAL eyes of beholder see what you want to see-mirror self sexual "identity" of fellow participant

Ambisexual vrs anrogenious

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suxitdry 53M

4/24/2005 8:53 pm

even in this site my friend, people will deny... and thats rather scary... I do believe there are true hetro's, but, they have at least admired their same sex, but there's that line for some, maybe inherent, that does not include thoughts of sexuality..which would make them true, biological hetro's... and thats cool too..!

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