some of the best sex I've had.  

rm_damnerkilder 49M
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6/19/2006 9:39 pm

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10/14/2007 11:58 am

some of the best sex I've had.

I figure that title should get some attention.

What I'm talkin' about is self stimulation. I must admit that some of the best orgasms I've had, have cum from my own two hands. Now don't get me wrong, I still VERY much enjoy the company of a warm body. It's just that it's been SO long since I've had the chance to share some time with someone, that I've almost forgotten what it's like. I know my day will cum again, it's just when that I don't know.

Anyone else out there in the same boat?

honey_bear2000 46F
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10/11/2007 5:18 pm

Wow, I think I just may be in the same boat that your in. It has been so long for me that I think I just may have forgotten how it all works. LOL Between school and children, I haven't had much play time and the gentleman that I have met, are just way too ready to jump into a relationship. For the longest time I felt that having sexual relations with someone meant that I had to be involved, I have come to realize, I really just want a drug and disease free sex buddy.

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