Questions, questions... so many questions??  

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3/16/2006 7:41 pm

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Questions, questions... so many questions??


My Love,

What is Love that can be defined?
One cannot smell it, touch it
nor is it visible by eye.
Is it a chemical reaction?
Is it a disease?
Or is it just whatever does please?

What is Love exactly?
Where is it found?
Does it live within people?
Is it deep in the ground?
Is Love just a state of mind?
Or is it an affair of the heart?
Is there an end to Love? Is there a start?

Is it better to have Loved and lost?
Or not to have Loved at all?
And if one is high on Love,
does one not fall?
When one is in Love, how does one know?
Is Love like a river? Does it ebb? Does it flow?

Why do people fall in Love?
Does it hurt?
Is Love the main course of life?
Or is it dessert?
Is Love just a myth?
Is Love the real deal?
Or is in individual
and used to descibe what one feels?

Does Love conquer all?
Or are all conquered by Love?
And if one is in Love,
does it fit one like a glove?
When one is in Love,
is one swept off ones feet?
Or is one left standing? Does one take a seat?

Is Love really the be all and end all?
Really? Without compare?
Are there actually any answers?
Is the truth out there?

Is Love all one needs?
Does one need Love at all?

P.S. I Love you...

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