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8/20/2006 8:25 pm

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Well sitting around the house feeling freaking and no one is here!! next thing ya no the phone rings!! and you bun bun wants to see ya!! boy you rush to his side and you walk in the door no-ing what is going to happen and what happenz is going to be good! well yeah a turn in a vent happens he wants to take a shower!! yall get in the shower he starts kissen ya real deeply and you are getting turned on!! he hands go to rubben ya body and the water makes them slid so easy!!! then he makes his way in between then legs and goes to rubben on ya clit!! you can help but to feeling so damn good!! but you tring to be quit!! people are in the next room!! but i can help my self it is to good not to make a sound!! he is talking shit saying you like that dont ya!! and i cant help but yo say yes i do!! that makes me do it even more!! he is now in to pleasen me!! then he bits and sucks on ya neck while playen with ya pussy!! you cant help it to throw one of you legs on the wall well he has nothing up pussy sitting right there!! he drops down and licks on ya pussy while haven 2 fingers sliden in and out and he he wanten you to cum so he can taste ya sweetness! you cant help but to cum!! but he dont stop what ya to cum over and over again!! you are wanten to fuck so bad!! but he is teasen you!! you drop down and grab a hold of his dick and take as much in ya mouth as ya can!! maken him grib the shower pole because if feels so damn good!! you hear him and that makes it even better for you!this is doing nothing but turning you on more and more!! you can feel him getting ready to cum!! that makes ya pussy jump even more!! he finally release him self and you just swallow every drop he came!! by this time!! he pulls you ass up to him and starts on kissen on ya again!! he turns ya ass around and make you been over and pick on of you legs up!! and stands it on the wall again!! and go to playen with ya pussy again you are now beggen him for it!! he simpley said no!! i am saven that for the next time!! but until then you rem what ya what from me!! and no what ya will get a nice ass time!!

bigstew44 48M

9/3/2006 1:52 pm

I would love to do that exact thing with you, as you have said on your other blog, Theres too much BS on this site, Im looking for that woman whos down for whatever, whenever!! I have the feeling thats you!! Drop me a line

XG35 48M  
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9/3/2006 10:31 pm

Wow!! If you ever find a non-B.S. artist, you are giving some very good instructions on how to please you. Hmmmmm....

trying_2 65M

9/4/2006 4:43 pm

ok lets do this for real sometime this week
be great fun and both of us will cum and cum and cum

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