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3/10/2006 5:30 pm

Yes. No. You Can. You Can Not. Maybe .Why Not!
All Answers arnt For Real. How Come? I Plan Some Sort Of Stratergy But None Has The Result I Want Or Is Compatable. For Exsample I Meet An Eager Young And Fine Single Girl Who's Out For The Same as The Rest. You Know . Contact I. Agreed On Meeting At Bla Bla Bla! Well I make Me Way In To The City And On The Way I ask IIs Every Thing All Right. your Brother Didn't Get Locked Up And Need's Bailing Out. ect. ect. Couple A Day. "Beutiful" Yes I Ashore You Iam Coming And I got Cash Do You Want Me To Book A Hotel? By The Way I Have A Tech: Pineapple Circles While Getting Dressed Before Going On Date? You Should Know Why? Ha ha. So I Get To Metro (Sydnem) and Meet At The Front Of The Mall. And Yes Shorly So, The Plot Continues On. Well I Ask Is There Any Thing I Can Fetch. Contreband; ect. ect. I Ask Do You Want To Forward On Any Suggestion's?

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