No flakes, but that itch... could be dandruff...  

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9/13/2005 4:03 pm

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No flakes, but that itch... could be dandruff...

In an old Head and Shoulders advertising campaign, they would put a good looking guy in an elevator or something, and this pretty young woman would walk in and start checking him out. She'd be really interested, and going to say something sexy to him, when suddenly, he'd reach up and scratch his head. Then you'd hear her thinking to herself (you got the voice, but no lips moving, so you must've been hearing her thoughts, you know), "Hmm... no flakes, but that itch... could be dandruff." Then she'd open a magazine or something, and completely ignore him until it was time for her to get off. He was left wondering what the hell he did wrong.

Well, I've written a number of posts here, wondering why I haven't managed to score an actual hookup here. Read the posts, if you haven't already. I mean, I barely even seem to get a response, and when I do, it's invariably "no thanks".

Now, I may still have been right, but I just discovered there might well be an alternate explanation... and it took an honest woman's "no thanks" response to clue me in.

No flakes, but that itch...
Her response was simple: "After reading your profile I don't think we're a good match. We're just not into the same things in the bedroom." Now I wondered what she was talking about, so I checked my profile. Damn it if she wasn't right! What I found in my profile scared me!! The only response I can give is, I don't know what the hell I was thinking!.

I had things in there about S/M stuff, and bondage stuff... these are things I've never done, and am not even really interested in. Now, I'll admit, my experience in those areas is limited. Alright, it's zero. So I actually have no idea whether they'd be things I would like or not, but somehow I doubt it. I have no idea why I would have put those things in there. I must have been in one of those weird moods when I did it.

So now, I've totally revamped my profile, making it much more in line with who I really am. I just hope I haven't completely alienated all the local women who probably think I'm some sort of closet axe-murderer.

Now we'll have to see whether this changes my luck, but in the meantime, my thoughts are as follows:

If you're wondering why you aren't getting anywhere, check your advertising. Maybe you're not putting forth the image you think you are.

Here's hoping!

your_gypsy 51F

9/13/2005 10:51 pm

do you ever go and see "who's viewing me?" i look there and check out profiles, then send messages. some folks don't do this but it's another avenue you could try... also, make sure to check "filtered messages" in your mailbox. there may be some there from someone that doesn't fit your preferences, but you just may have something else in common with. and ... by the way, even if you were into bdsm or other kinky stuff, that doesn't mean you are a closet axe-murderer!

rm_d0ughb0y35 50M
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9/14/2005 12:00 am

Thanks for the comments, gypsy. I actually started looking at the Who's Viewing Me thing tonight too. One woman, to whom I sent a message the other day, and she didn't respond either. <sigh> I did write her back, though. We'll see.

I know, btw, that folks into that aren't even necessarily really violent, gypsy, let alone killers. I hope I didn't offend you with my feeble attempts at humor. It's just that the women I guess I go for aren't the types that seem to be into those things, and frankly I'm not sure I'm comfortable with them either. So imagine being a woman who's not into that, getting a nice email from a local guy... all things are go, and then you read the profile, which gives you an entirely different picture than what you had until now. The images don't fit, and it's sure to raise some red flags.

That's what I'm talking about. Now you have a guy who sounds like he might be serious psycho - not because he's into bondage, but because he's warped somehow.

Too bad TX is so far away, gypsy...

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