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rm_d0ughb0y35 50M
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6/17/2005 1:32 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Chats and Conversations

I don't know what it is about this place. Somehow, I can't seem to get into a decent conversation in the chat rooms. I mean, I seem to do alright on some other services, but here... I don't know. How do you start conversations in the chatrooms here? Have they ever gone anywhere?

istrife 42M

6/17/2005 4:11 pm

You know, this is kinda' related to what I was blogging about earlier today. I'm not jedi on the opposite sex, but here is what I have learned on this site. As amazing as it sounds, if I want women to talk to me on a PAY SEX SITE, I absolutely posititvely can NOT talk to them about sex. All of the guys I see typing "hey baby, need sex" icebreakers always get slammed by the girls. And look at how few have their IM's pulled up while they are in the chat room. They don't want to talk about sex. Non initially (or at all yet with me). However, I find if I have an attitude of "I'm just going to find a female and make a chat friend with her", and don't even ellude to the "S" word, women will chat with me more often. Most perplexing to me. I guess, and here is where it relates to my blogging today, that people have different reasons for coming to this site, and often women here don't actually WANT to have sex initially. I think alot of the women here just like feeling pursued and wanted and desired and attractive. So, I figure if I treat them like a person without a pussy first, maybe I'll get a chance to make them feel more sexual later. I have no real answers, though. Just a lot of questions and a few theories to test. Best of luck to us both!


deprived324 43M

6/17/2005 4:39 pm

I have to agree with James......He has hit the nail on the head.....I have not had much luck (as I am in much the same situation as you)but I have maanged to have some chat-friends too date. Obviously, more would be nice, and I am still looking, but James' approach has seemed to get the ball rolling a little...but hey, what do I know, I am trying as much as you are....good hunting to all....

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