so i woke up today  

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12/30/2005 6:54 am

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so i woke up today

and today should be another day, but there is something strange in the air.
I can't help wondering if there is something exciting out there today. I can't ignore the urge.
It is my destiny. I have to go outside and talk to people.
I had a dream last night. Usually happens when i drink the night before. And as of lately, they have been of nothing but flashbacks from my experiences in Iraq. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.
However, this one was differant. Was about the woman i used to have wet dreams of. A woman so perfect and so faithful to me.
She had fire red hair, beautiful body, and a smile that could melt polar ice caps.
She came to my house and we walked out to the beach.
The sun was setting and the sky was ablaze with colors. She told me that she had missed me. We kissed and when i opened my eyes she was floating.
We were in the clouds now and she took my hand and we sailed through the sky.
At this very moment her clothes kind of just slipped off and we landed on the biggest bed i have ever seen. Silk sheets and pillows everywhere.

I think you know the rest. I do appologize, but i have to get ready for the day.
should have a blog posted almost everyday, so feel free to tune in next time for this young soldiers wild mind.
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