Mom @ the Mall...  

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4/16/2006 8:56 pm

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Mom @ the Mall...

So, keeping with the theme, I keep my eyes open for MILF candy. I was at one of the local malls today when my eyes got stuck on this beautiful beautiful and petite mom. She had a younger son with her, around 8 or so. Man she looked super hot and gorgeous - definitely knew how to take care of herself.

I was so taken by her that I couldn't get my eyes of her. Suddenly she noticed that I was looking at her - she looked at me and smiled. WOW! That was the highlight of my day. She walked past by me and gave me a couple of glances, still smiling - She smelled so good. After we crossed each other I turned my head back - to my surprise she had hers turned and on me...

I kept on walking and left the area. Now I kick myself for not initiating contact. Well... how could I have? Especially when she was with her son. I couldn't have said anything that may not have embarrased me or her infront of her son -

Anyway, if any one of you women who is reading this can probably help me out with your opinion. Putting yourself in that moms shoes, what could have you expected and more so what is more appropriate?

Cheers !

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