Does the perfect guy  

rm_cutie01_30 34F
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11/8/2005 11:19 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Does the perfect guy

does the perfect guy really exist. And if he does how come i havent met him yet.

Boy121975 41M

11/8/2005 12:14 pm

Hello, I'm Mr. Perfect.

Not really, but it sure would be nice! Let's start with how you would describe your perfect man and go from there...

LIBlonde97 40F
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11/8/2005 12:34 pm

Oh such despair....LOL

Depends on your definition of "perfect"...

Does your definition mean a handsome, mature, thoughtful, sensitive (but not too sensitive), caring, romantic, considerate guy who never forgets your birthday, remembers to bring wine when he comes for dinner, asks for directions, never takes you for granted, reads instructions, treats your family and friends well, doesn't drink, smoke, or do drugs, eats healthy, goes to the gym, reads novels, fixes cars, shovels snow, takes you to Aruba and begs you to marry him immediately?

Then no, that guy does not exist.

But if the perfect guy is flawed like you, but overall a good person underneath, who treats you well, who will accept and adore you for all you are? Then yes. That guy exists.

You haven't met him, because you've been hung up on society's definition of "the perfect guy"... maybe if you open your eyes, you won't have to look far!

Good luck!


redmustang91 57M  
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11/8/2005 1:22 pm

The perfect guy exists only in your dreams and fantasy life. Just like the perfect woman. I say change your expectations and demands to find a perfectly good guy and enjoy!

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11/20/2005 2:46 pm

Maybe it just takes time to recognize likely comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Look for someone who is perfect for you, for might be surprised by how much fun that can be. If you search for someone's definition of perfection rather than your own, it's going to be long, boring, frustrating and empty.

John Lennon wrote "Life is what happens while you make other plans."

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