Swing when you're winning!!!!!!!!!  

rm_cutebum1975 41M
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8/8/2006 4:43 pm
Swing when you're winning!!!!!!!!!

Must tell everyone on here about my latest experience as it was like being involved in a porn movie!!! I was recently holidaying in Bulgaria with my pals and was doing my bit on the dance floor; salsa and such-like, when a rather nice British lady from Bristol approached me and persuaded me to teach her how to Salsa (like I needed much persuading?!!). Smooth moves and much grinding took place and it was then I noticed her hubby looking over. I took the trouble of engaging in conversation with him too; as I did not want him to think I was making a move on his wife. Anyway, that night came and went and I then bumped into them again a couple of nights later and tongue-in-cheek asked if they were swingers. To cut a long story short, yes they were, they are on AdultFriendFinder (Angelxx71) and we had a bloody good session back at their hotel, double pen, the full works; it was absolutely fantastic and I am soooo glad I have branched out into the world of AdultFriendFinder and swingers!!!!! However, she did criticize my choice of AdultFriendFinder handle, saying that it should be a far hornier title to do me justice! Anyone on comments on this please as I would appreciate the feedback. Thank you.

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