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2/24/2005 2:05 pm

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Oh, I feel better! Yesterday afternoon we took a little nap together. We layed close - I was behind her. She kept pressing her ass back into me, and I was pushing forward. I reached around, rubbing my hands under her shirt but not touching her breasts yet. I like to try to build things up. I like to take my time, and really enjoy it. I reached my hand down her jeans, but not all the way down. I used my hand to help her push backwards, and I reached up to kiss her neck and nibble her ear. That gives her goose bumps all over. Then I leaned back and she asked if I was going back to sleep. I suggested we shut the door - she thought that was a good idea! So once I barricaded the door to keep the kids out I took off my shirt and got back to the bed. She's paranoid about being watched (imagine if she knew how many people have seen me jack off in front of the webcam! I wish she'd join me.) so she shut the curtain. As she leaned over, I pulled her jeans off. Her skin is SO smooth. I kissed her stomach and her legs, and her pussy, and ran my hands all over her soft skin. I kissed her neck as my fingers found their way into her pussy, and she moaned. Then she reached down and grabbed my cock, and then squeezed my balls. She knows just what to do. I took off the rest of her clothes and sucked on her nipples as our hands worked each other over. I started to move my mouth down, I wanted to taste her but when I got down between her legs she just pushed me on to my back - that wasn't what she wanted! She climbed on top of me as I grabbed her great ass and helped her move on to my cock. I buried my face in her tits as she moved up and down, both of us moaning. It didn't take us long, we came together...........

Hopefully she wants it again before another month is up. I go crazy without having her.

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