rm_curious4502 28F
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4/26/2006 5:05 am

We're lying in bed and he's got his dick in my mouth and his finger in my ass. My hands are tied together and to the headboard above my head. He only taught me how to suck him properly a few days before, and I'm concentrating on him as much as I can, but the feel of his finger in my ass is so distracting. I feel him add another, and then another. I'm getting so excited, but he suddenly pulls them out again. I whimper in disappointment, but then feel something cool and hard slide into my ass. I look down past his dick and see that he's pushing a dildo into me, pushing it all the way in until I can barely see it anymore. He grabs another dildo and shoves it into my pussy, hard this time, making me cry out as it goes as deep as it can. Pulling out of my mouth he smiles at me and then grabs my legs and ties them to the headboard as well, ties going from behind my knees to where my hands are so I'm completely exposed to him. He then kneels between my legs and starts to jerk himself off, telling me that he's going to come all over me; on my face, in my mouth, on my tits, cunt and ass. I watch him as he does exactly what he said, his hot come splashing all over me. He then tells me he's going to leave me to soak in it. I protest so he shoves another dildo in my mouth and attaches it to my head with another tie. Then he stands, and leaves the room, leaving me trapped.

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