Everybody Needs A Fuck Buddy!!!!  

rm_cuntrygurl20 47F
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6/29/2006 1:26 pm

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3/18/2009 8:11 am

Everybody Needs A Fuck Buddy!!!!

If you are single, and not really interested in a one on one relationship, or hell, even if you are in love with the person of your dreams, you need a fuck buddy!!

There are people out there who enjoy the "making love" part of sex, and then there are those of us who just like pure, raw, animalistic FUCKING!!! Beleive me, there is a difference in Fucking and making love. If you ever find that person who can fuck you so hard they make your eyes roll back in your head, you will definately understand the difference in mere making love and pure out straight fucking.

Making love is sweet, sometimes, but when you get done, you just don't have that OH MY GOD, I'm outta breath, my toes are tingling sensation that you do when you truly FUCK someone.

If you are lucky enough to find that partner who can fuck you in all the ways that make you feel like your insides are burning, and who can and will do all the things that you have only ever dreamed of, DON'T LOSE THEM!!! Make them your fuck buddy for life!!!!

I have had an amazing fuck buddy for 10 years. During that course of time, we have both dated other people (hell, we were both married when we started), we have lived with other people, and we have fucked other people, but any time that either of us felt the need to just go throw off our clothes and get really wild, we called each other.

I have had my my back bruised like you would never imagine on the back of a weight bench, my ass scratched by briars in a field, my toes "carpet burned" by the roof of a car. The places that we fucked were unreal. We even did it in the back of a brand new truck in the middle of the car lot!!!

Anyway, after all that time, he met someone who could make him happy as a wife (which was something that I just did not want to do)and we tried to continue, but I just couldn't do it. So, I found me a new Fuck Buddy.

As amazing as the first one was, this one was just pure RAW!!! We had been playing around with it for a while, and finally one night it happened. He told me that he had never had his dick sucked like that before, so I sucked it harder. He had a really big cock, and he grabbed my head and slammed his big cock all the way down my throat. I gagged a little, but then I got used to it being there, and it was on!!!! He told me later that that was the winning point for me!! We have been fuck buddies for over a year now, and on my is all I can say.

Well, recently I met this guy who was just awesome to look at, and I knew that he would be amazing in bed. You know, there are certain people that you can just look at and tell, especially if you are aroud them for a while. Anyway, my fuck buddy was there, but he was off doing something else, so I hooked up with this guy, and we didn't have sex, we just got to know each other. You can say boring, BUT, you just gotta understand the steps involved in finding the perfect FUCK BUDDY. The next nite we did the same thing, only we did play around a little. When I saw his cock, I KNEW!!

The third nite, this new guy was off doing something different, and I saw my regular fuck buddy walking over to where I was, and we talked, we walked around a little, mingled with some people, and then he said, "let's go to the truck, I got something I wanna show you". Of course I knew what it was, so off we went.

Before we even got the truck door shut good he was ripping my clothes off, and I was tearing at his. I wanted that big cock in my mouth so bad I could taste it, and of course he let me. He told me again that nite, "you suck that cock like it is your lifeline. Every time you suck my fucking cock I wanna just rip your damn hair outta your head cause it feels so fucking good!!" Anyway, the more he says shit like that, the better I suck. He told me that I could tie the damn thing in a knot with my tongue.

We continued on with the cock sucking, him with his fingers all up in my pussy. It was getting so wet I could barely stand it. Finally he came all in my mouth, and I swallowed it all. He said "that's what I love so much about you, you bitch, you never spill a drop, and once you are through, you regain your composure like it had never happened".

I played with his big cock, teasing it with my nipples, my tongue and my fingers till it got hard again, and beleive me, it did not take long! He turned me around in that truck and had me bent over the dash, and fucked me so hard I thought I was gonna break the dash in to. I kept reaching for something to grab onto to hold on, but my arms just kept flailling madly. I was getting FUCKED!!!! and I loved it. We fucked in the truck for a couple of hours, and when we were finished, you could not see anything out of the windows. There were people everywhere, and I know they had to see us, and there is NO WAY that they did not hear us, but that's okay. That is part of the fun of it. Public places turn me on!!!

Anyway, back to the new guy, we kept in touch after that weekend, and one night he told me "I just can't take it anymore. You are killing me. I gotta have some of that tonite!!!", so I loaded up and drove to his house. We laid on the bed and talked for a while, and then he told me that I really needed to get more comfortable, so I took off my clothes and put on a T shirt, which was a waste of time, because when he saw me braless in that T shirt, he said "Damn, I gotta have those big tiddies in my mouth"

Needless to say, I was happy to oblige. We palyed around, sucking and licking, and then he got serious. He put his head between my thighs, and I literally thought I was gonna die. It was the most amazing thing that I had ever experienced in my life. Trust me, I have had my pussy eat by some damn fine ones, BUT I have NEVER had anything like that before! I asked him what the hell that was, to please explain it to me, and he just smiled and said "I can't, I'll just have to show you" and down he went again. We started at the head of the bed, and went from corner to corner and every where in between. I didn't want him to ever stop, but when he finally did, and he flipped me over on my stomach and pushed me up on my knees, and I felt that big cock going in, I was okay!!

He fucked me in every position imaginable. I'd make him pull out and let me suck his cock, and he loved that cause he said my pussy tasted so good that he wanted me to taste it too.

We fucked all nite until 7:00 the next morning. I knew then that I had found a new Fuck Buddy. I explained to him what kind of a relationship I wanted, and he was good with that, and it has been amazing ever since.

My old fuck buddy must have known something was up, cause he sure was being extra special to me. I still haven't told him, cause it is none of his business, but since that first nite with my new fuck buddy, the old one has been really putting it on me. I mean, it was always awesome with him, cause he is so crude when we fuck, but now it is like, oh shit, where did he learn that, or where the hell did that come from.

I can't help it. I love to fuck. There is just nothing like it. I like being single, because I hate to have someone make decisions for me or tell me what to do, but if you have a really good fuck buddy, you don't have to worry about sleeping alone every nite, or going out and trying to score a piece of ass, and you don't use so damn many batteries (although it is fun to play with your toys with your fuck buddy). You have the best of both worlds!

Anyway, fuck buddies are the perfect solution for a single person. If you don't have one, I encourage you, go out and get one. You have to really find that one that likes all the shit that you do to make it work like it is supposed to!!!, and most importantly, you always have to remember that it is just about sex. You can never get involved emotionally with your fuck buddy, cause then it is more like a relationship with all the relationship problems, and then the sex just isn't as good!!!!

Now I have two fuck buddies, can my world get any better????

PappiMoresGable 64M

6/29/2006 2:00 pm

I agree with you. When I was single, between marriages, I had a couple of fuck buddies. Good raw sex without the normal issues that exist in relationships. Have fun, but sooner or later it is nice to have someone to grow old with.

rythmn4 48M  
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6/29/2006 2:02 pm

Yes...you are totally on my wavelength. Fuck buddies rule. The kind where you bruised & scratched and your muscles ache afterward like a good work out, I gave my fuck buddy J a beard burn on her shin so bad it looked like she'd been hit...she just wanted more and more

endowed_4_fun 41M
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6/29/2006 2:46 pm

Ok, you've convinced me! Now, could you just do the same to a few of the women around here, I'd be set.

spacecadet561 59M

6/29/2006 3:07 pm

It must be nice. I've got 2 regular cyber fuck buddettes, 2 semi-regulars, and occasionally manage to score with other gals in chat rooms.


rm_cuntrygurl20 47F
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3/18/2009 8:10 am

Well....lots of nice comments....but does anyone want to be my fack buddy????

rm_cuntrygurl20 47F
4 posts
3/18/2009 8:11 am

Lots of nice comments....but does anyone want to be my fuck buddy?

hinesvilleswings 49M/55F  
4 posts
3/24/2009 10:15 pm


BaconStopsYears 38M

3/30/2009 11:55 am

oh absolutely. i would love to. there's nothing like an entire night of pulse pounding, toe curling, back arching, eyes rolled into the back of your head, sweat pouring, mind altering, pure raw animalistic fucking. you sound like my kind of fuck buddy. haven't had someone in awhile who sounds like as much fun as you

danandrox 50M/52F

4/8/2009 4:18 pm

would be one hell of a hight for the two of us

happyhinesville 49M

4/23/2009 8:54 am

lol yes i am available and two fuck buddies are great ..the only thing you need now is for you to get them to play together...and with you

rm_wmforeplay 61M

5/8/2009 9:30 pm

Of course everybody needs a fuck buddy .. what you doing this weekend?

rm_boro_guy4you 50M
2 posts
6/27/2009 7:30 pm

Would love to be your fuck buddy, I have your number just let me know when it's a good dtime to call

CabbyBouleVerge 55M

7/15/2009 7:49 am

Any Fuck Buddies in Hinesville? Looking for a cpl to be fuck buddies with

rm_yvette4mun 48F

8/1/2009 9:21 pm

i am lookin for a fuck buddy. i am 42 bbw who love the dick(a big dick)

guynextdoor720 46M

8/7/2009 9:27 am

hell yes!!! I'd love to be your fuck buddy!!! Haven't had a good bithc to fuck lately. love to pull your hair and fuck you hard!!

quitefreak2000 48M
157 posts
11/8/2010 5:32 am

id luv to show u a good fucking and licking!!!

BadLad4YourFun 47M

1/27/2011 3:39 am

You still looking for a New Fuck Buddy? or are your current ones coping ok!!!lol

Glover20044 62M
2 posts
3/30/2011 8:22 am

fuckbuddy let's get started u name the time and place glover

Glover20044 62M
2 posts
3/30/2011 8:25 am

cuntrygurl20 hit me up let's have some fun G

FleshCaretSworn 44
1 post
6/30/2011 8:39 am

Hinesvilleswings, I am very interseted. please contact me. Jake

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