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1/3/2006 4:41 pm

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1st edition

I thought id take a few minutes here and there and start a blog about sex. how original right?

i live in central wisconsin, im 25, a dude, immature at times, too serious at other times. anyways i love to have sex. with women. my favorite position has got to be...i dont know what its called but its when your partner lies on her back and holds her legs back so your sack dings her back doorbell, anyways i only like that one because my partner (girlfriend actually) really gets a kick out of it because i cant get any excitement going until she starts getting crazy first. then i can occasionally grunt and yell out but im actually pretty stealthy quiet, usually. sometimes i want to slap her ass quick or say "you like my rod in your trench?" but i wanna finish and if i said that we would laugh or something and then our sex would kinda stop and then i get backed up.

so i have a girlfriend but im cruising this site looking to hook up with other chicks, my girlfriend doesn't know about my little online adventure and that makes it even more exciting to me. i know it may seem harsh or unfair or whatever to her but i look at it as something different than a relationship. i'll just slip on a rubber bang some delicious little tart and then leave, bingo bango bongo. that would be bliss to me. then maybe i would go ice fishing or take the quad for a spin, what a day that would be.

any fetishes out there? there are some weird ones out there: feet, socks, getting rubbed off with feet, pooping on your stomach, dressing up in tight leathers and whipping each other, pretending your a horse, having your lady dress up like a football player, we probably all have some type of fetish or another and mine is older women. i have odd tastes, i thought mrs arnold on the "wonder years" was visciously sexy, or blanche on the golden girls. that last one was a lie, i'm on the fence with that one. but i want to shack up with an older lady once, just once or twice or thrice. whatever. well, there it is the first edition and if you've read it all the way through i hope it hasn't been to painful. and if you share some of my thoughts feel free to post a comment and we can have a discussion about the ins and outs of pooping on one another, or banging older ladies, or mrs arnold and what a good show the "wonder years" was or anything relating to anything. i'd like to submit a request to any swingers who might be reading this, perhaps a quick commentary on the first moments when your going to swap partners with somebody you barely know. akward? hot? any funny stories? hey you've been great, good night.

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