saturday night special  

rm_cumshoteyes 55M
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8/13/2005 9:16 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

saturday night special

I would fire my social secretary if I had one. To many unscheduled Saturday nights alone. Well, almost alone. Being a 50% custodial parent I have my teenagers with me every other week including the weekend. Next week is the dawn of a new day as I'll be down to one teenager with my oldest heading off to college for the first time. Lets hope its a rousing success and that bird soars high and free. I love her dearly but I really don't want to see a "return to nest."

neodragon706 51M
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6/19/2015 2:16 pm

Well, thank you so much for your help in letting me know how to navigate through all the craziness at this site. I just became a paid member yesterday, and by this morning, I was already ready to get out! Well, first of all, seeing all those dick photos was one thing that really turned me off....I'm certainly not ready to go down that route, but I thought the women liked to see them.... Well thank you for telling me otherwise. Also, thank you for letting me know that there are good woman on this site looking for a regular dating partner like me. As suggested, I'll take my time, try to enjoy this place, and see what happens. Again, thanks !

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