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8/24/2005 12:14 pm

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friends plus program

Some of these terms and phrases seem similar but perhaps not really enough variation to make them uniquely special.

booty call
(noun) a phone call, page or conversation aimed at getting into her/his pants. Not an invite to a movie or dinner, not just coffee, not a casual or formal get-together, just a plain old-fashioned "let's fuck!"
(127 agree, 3 disagree)

fuck buddy
n. A sex partner to whom you have no special attachment. A person you occasionally have sex with who is not your S.O. or when you are in between relationships. A fuck buddy is similar to a friend with benefits.
(35 agree, 4 disagree)

friend with benefits
n: A friend in which sexual activity exists but no true relationship is involved. The friend is not a boy/girlfriend. The benefit is purely sexual. Not to be tied with feelings.
(38 agree, 3 disagree)


The Urban Dictionary seems like a fun and interesting website. Its a place for people to post what they think a phrase or word means and then everyone visiting can vote if they agree or disagree with the posted definition. If you do go there, be sure to check out the definition for Rainbow Party. It'll mostly be what you have heard but some of the additional comments are rather amusing.

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