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Survey Says...

FYI, Skip this post if you don't like math.

I like to keep tabs on sex surveys, even if they are just the silly kind that Cosmo, Playboy and the like publish about once a year. I can see why Kinsey was so fascinated by the subject, though if there was any truth in how he conducted taking "sexual histories" as portrayed in the movie, I can't help but wonder if the reliability of data and authenticity of his findings might be misleading to some degree.

The scientific method demands the repetition of an experiment to produce the exact same results, no matter who performs the experiment, to prove out the truth in knowledge and understanding. I don't think that behavior polls and surveys can stand up to that kind of scrutiny. Forget about trying to compare sexual behavior of human beings from 1945 and that of 2005. I'm certain that little has changed in the broader stroke sense of human sexual behavior. Think of a bumper sticker that says the more things change, the more they stay the same.

While the exact respondent percentages vary from one to another of serious sex studies, they tend to generally be more comparable that contrary. This is what I've found to be consistently reported and I believe if you were able to perform this experiment with honest participants, I think your findings will closely match this result:

Put ten married women in a room and at least four of them have had extramarital sexual activity at least once. Put ten single women in a room and at least six of them had concurrent sexual activity with more than 1 man (commonly known as cheating on their boyfriend.) Obvious conclusion: married women tend to be somewhat more sexually faithful to their spouse than single women are to their boyfriends.

The weird thing about this is men have the reverse in statistical response. Only 40% of unmarried men report cheating on the current girlfriend while 60% of married men report having cheated on their spouse at least once. Men are somewhat more sexual faithful to their girlfriends.

Another no-brainer conclusion: Men and women conduct their sexual activity differently given the situation.

A few studies I read had the numbers pegged higher, which lead to me to use the phrase "at least" but ultimately the same general conclusions proved true.

Doing The Math:

Let's put ten married couples in a room. Based on the 60/40 ratio, one extreme scenario has the chance that all 10 of the relationships could have sustained extramarital activity by one spouse. The other extreme has the chance that 6 of the 10 marital relationships experienced the same. Applying the Standard Bell Curve between 6 and 10 and you get the highest probability that around 8 out of 10 marriages experience at least one spouse having one extramarital incident.

Extra Credit: Around 2 of the 10 marriages experience both spousal participation in extramarital affair using the same method of range and curve for that possibility.

Back to the ten married couples in the room, on average eight of the couples have had at least one spouse go elsewhere for sex and there is a good chance that two of those eight couples have had both spouses in extramarital activity at least once.

BTW, the same statistical numbers apply to a room of ten non-married couples.

semicharmed34f 46F

7/16/2005 12:24 pm

Fascinating! Sir, that is very interesting and amazing! I never knew that the same statistical findings on extramarital affairs apply to both married and non-married couples. I guess we learn something new every day. Looking forward to reading more of your blog entries in the future.

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