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7/15/2005 11:41 am

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Your post has been denied (e.g., short, bad languages, solicitation, personal information and human error). Update your post for re-approval.

My first denial! Believe me, if you were able to read the original entry, you would be wondering what problem AdultFriendFinder was having with it. For example (that's what e.g. stands for):

short My shortest blog posting was titled Slow Bloggin and since that got made it past the approval process I don't think that was the real problem.

bad languages First off I don't know more than one language, English, and secondly I don't think my grammar is that atrocious. As far as it being naughty my blog post titled Daily Grind as more explicit in the graphic content.

solicitation I didn't offer one thing, product or service, to be purchased by the readership.

personal information I didn't have my phone number, address, other email address, ssn, bank account, etc. in my post.

human error What is that? Have you not heard the saying, to err is human, to forgive divine? I'm not sure what qualifies as human error so there is a chance that I committed that offensive.

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