Old & New Friends  

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7/18/2005 10:49 am

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Old & New Friends

Close, dear friends are what make my life interesting. I happen to be able to spend time this past weekend visiting with my oldest and closest friend. Its weird to find that through the years and miles our connective relation was as strong as it ever been, that neither of us had changed so much that we found ourselves to be strangers. Sometimes that happens in friendships but thankfully ours is not the case. My father had such a friend too. I didn't get the chance to meet him until the day of my fathers funeral. I'm thinking my friendship with _____ is going to be one like that. One of us will become the pallbearer for the other. Unlike my father and his friend, we have managed over the years to include our families in the loop.

This weekend also brought with it a new friendship. New beginnings are quite special and exciting, so full of possibilities. I have found her blog postings to be very interesting, fresh in perspective and intelligent. I haven't asked for permission to include her AdultFriendFinder handle in my blog but if she agrees, I would be most happy to share the link to her blog with other readers.

Sexual Embers to Flame:
Has anyone here ever got back together with an old flame? I have never been interested in retreading old girl friends but there was one that left an indelible impression in my mind. Our sexual passions with each other was white-hot. If I'm not careful, my mind can recreate the taste of her in my mouth, her fragrance in my nostrils, and every curve of her body at my fingertips. It was 20 years ago when I last held her, kiss her and like that (snapping fingers) she can be in my head in an instant. I have no doubt that if we were to meet today on the street, in a store, where ever, I would visibly shake in my shoes and tremble in voice. It was so bad that I've had to reject her from the fantasies I make when masturbating because I couldn't let her go, "have closure," as the gentle would refer to it.

Time can have a rose-colored glasses effect on the memory. Such is not the case here. While we connected sexually in a powerful way, I also remember with clarity the obstacles that we could not overcome. But if we were to meet and if we were stupid enough to hit the sheets (honestly, we probably are stupid enough), I hope that I would be destroyed by the flames because going through the hell of having to give her up again would prove to be my undoing. To me, she's that dangerous.

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