Heat Wave  

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7/22/2005 10:49 am

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Heat Wave

Ok, I'm pretty sure most of the States are having fun baking but I for one am starting to get sick of it, get sick from it. My A/C is struggling every afternoon & early evening and for the most part just needs to give up the ghost and expire. I know this posting is more "Dear Blog" and that doesn't comply with my Purpose And Reason but the heat is becoming the only thing I focus on any more. More precisely, how to stay out of it and cool.

The Heat can cause temporary insanity. Last evening, I did a naughty thing. After work, around 7PM, I was hanging out at the swimming pool in my complex. For reasons I can't explain or understand, nobody was around. We'd just had another day in the 100's and by that time the temperature had cooled to 97. Yuck. If you haven't read all my blogs, I'm in the Mountain Time Zone, Front Range Region (controversial designation) so usually we enjoy more moderate weather.

Back to my insanity, once I got in the pool I discarded the swim trunks to fully enjoy the cool water. Not that I did that for very long but I managed to "get away with it" with little risk. It was not the Smartest Moment in my life and I've since considered many possible consequences had it not gone well. Not pretty.

Appropriate Nudity

Not that I really want to think about this remembrance here and now but it kind of goes along with the top part of my post.

Colorado has many hot springs located through out the state. I had the pleasure to visit one of them a few years back and I highly recommend it to all that care to hear about. Outside of Steamboat is a place called Strawberry Park. Its privately owned and at night the clothing optional rule applies. I wasn't alone and my companion recommended doing this. I found it to be a fantastic and yet strange experience. That particular spring night had a near full moon so everything and everybody was lit in pale blue.

BTW, the owners will kick out anybody using a flashlight for any reason other than to find their pile of clothes.

I've never personally seen so many naked people, it was about a even mix of men & women. Every one there was adult and behaved like good, appropriate adults do in public. I didn't see any hanky panky although it was hard to avoid seeing erect penis'. I'm sure the women were aroused as well. I found it to be a great experience and one that I plan to repeat.

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