Goodbye semicharmed34f  

rm_cumshoteyes 55M
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8/3/2005 8:55 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Goodbye semicharmed34f

I hope you find the life & love that you were looking for. I'm going to miss you...

charmedcharm 46F

8/11/2005 9:00 pm

Thank you, my dear friend.

I assumed a new identity, but I doubt I will stay. I want to give you my e-mail address outside of this so that we can still write one another. I tried to contact you via mail here, but I couldn't get through to you. If you'd kindly send a message here on AdultFriendFinder, perhaps I could get a message to you and let you know how to contact me outside of it.

You are truly an amazing person. You are so warm, so inviting, and so intelligent. You've written about your thoughts concerning relationships that I can relate to, and you've provided great insight. I want you to know that. I do feel that if I lived near you, we would spend many nights pondering the mysteries of sexuality, love, and life.

I don't know if you've realized this, but I initially came here to fill the void within me. I have wanted someone for so long now, but I know that I can never have the person that I desire. It has been difficult for me to accept that. Perhaps it's my own fault considering the fallacy of objectification concerning my epistemic loneliness and the inescapable limitations based on my subjective experiences that end with the fabrication of knowledge.

I wanted someone so human, yet so myth-like, that resembled the Gods. I desired a man who was hot and cold, poison and ambrosia, and light and shadow. Why did this mortal believe she could love a God and not be tainted? ...not be broken, not be cast into the depths of despair?

Despite the limitations within this shell, I cannot deny my passion, my experiences, my insatiable curiosity, or my own fallacious perceptions that bridge the gap between the subjective and objective worlds.

What does one do when their heart bleeds? When there is only emptiness? When there is no one to hold, no one to love, and no one to share their experiences and thoughts with? What does one do when they love the unattainable?

My dearest friend, I will always have more questions than answers. I will also see my abysmal ignorance growing as the years pass, as I continue to learn and search for the answers. What else is there to do other than live, learn, and love?

You will never know how much I appreciate you. You are a real person who feels, thinks, loves, shares, cares, and lives with integrity and genuity -- so noble, so endearing, so respected, and revered.

Morrison wrote "moment of inner freedom -- when the mind is opened and the infinite universe revealed -- & the soul is left to wander -- dazed & confused -- searching here & there for teachers & friends."

You are both a teacher and a friend. I hope that you forgive me for taking so long to contact you. If there's anyone who deserves all the happiness in the world, it is you, luv. It is you.


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