Cross Purposes  

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7/30/2005 7:13 am

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Cross Purposes

M seeking M/F couple -------- 21423
F seeking M/F couple -------- 2846

M/F couple seeking M -------- 2339
M/F couple seeking F -------- 10441

M seeking M --------------------- 8359
M seeking F --------------------- 129132

F seeking F --------------------- 6970
F seeking M ---------------------- 9597

Source: AdultFriendFinder Browse webpage 254,582 Listings in Colorado as of 7/29/2005.

The membership gender ratio is 8.3 males to 1 female.
Females are sought after 7.2 times more than males.

I had presumed in a blog post several weeks ago that the male:female ratio is roughly comparable to that of a typical bar or club. The math proves my suspicions. What I hadn't expected was 42% of the females are seeking other females. Is that typical in bar or club scene here in Colorado? Hmm, now I'm beginning to wonder.

What I find humorous is the inverted 3-some seeking numbers. Most couples seeking a third would do better if they were looking for a male, but no, they're looking for females too.

So, the best experience a person can get here in AdultFriendFinder land is to be a female looking for males, females and couples. 146,543 listings seek females where only 20,295 seek males. This also explains why 10 out of 15 Blogs on the Most Popular Blogs listing are females. This assumes that the Colorado numbers are typical to the entire membership.

Why all the math? I started this study to try to figure out what the chances were for me to actually connect with a couple for a 3-way sexual experience. What I'm seeing here is very, very little chance of that happening. Especially when I factor in the difference between fantasy and reality. If I may conjecture, there is a wide margin between persons thinking/interested/wanting a 3-some experience and those who actually following through and doing it.

Only 2339 listings say they are seeking a male to join their coupled activities. I'm thinking far less than half are serious about hooking up. Let's say only a fourth of them would do that. That means only 580 couples are available and currently have 21,423 listings of males willing to join in the fun.

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