Conclusion, Part 3  

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Conclusion, Part 3

The following is the conclusion of a fictional story started on July 13th blog posting titled Daily Grind and a continuation posted on July 19th blog titled Continuation, Part 2

Colleen and Jennifer's plan to immortalize their nicknames proceeded with little fault. Prom night dates, Sam and Dale, seemed more than willing to participate in the traditions of after-prom sex and getting them to conjoin in group took only the determination of there womanly charms. Now all that remained was the icing on the cake, preferably made from scratch.

Both couples shared the couch for sex. Dale sat with Jennifer knelling between his legs, her bobbing head in his lap. Sam was tonguing Colleen's bottom as she leaned on the seat cushion in an all-fours position.

Although Sam's oral talents unexpectedly pleased her new found glory, Colleen knew that his enthusiastic coital thrusting would not produced the same result. She thought perhaps a gentler, patient lover would better serve as explorer to her undiscovered country but Sam wasn't it. "Fuck me, Sam," Colleen ordered, "but not in the ass." Quickly and obediently Sam shifted to his knees behind her and watched the blunt head of his cock easily slip inside her pouting, moist lips. Holding her hips with both hands Sam then penetrated her in a single motion, her vulva pressed tight against his pelvis and balls.

Sitting next to Colleen, Dale was lost to this world. Only the sensations of Jennifer's mouth music consumed him. She held his exceptional sized erection between her breasts and applied her tongue and lips to the sensitive areas of its mushroom head. Every lick, every suck brought him closer to ecstasy. Dale could only flex and thrust in knee-jerk reaction to it all.

"Dale, cum..."

"Dale, I want yo..."


The soft voice Dale heard faded in and out. He couldn't tell if he was hearing anything or not because of the roar of his heartbeat and rush of his breath in his ears. He couldn't feel his legs; the burning had made them grow numb. His lower back arched awkwardly. The burning grew and engulfed his loins, balls, penis.

"Dale, cum on her tits."

It was a voice. Dale heard Colleen speak to him and as like a runner waits for the starter's gun a loud bang rang out through his body. He barely felt the hot juices serge up his mammoth pole. He exhaled a low, growling moan and Jennifer released the taunt, purple head of his cock with a wet snap sound. As she raised her head up, so did a fountain of cum proceed to follow. Colleen watched as the first burst sent a spray of tiny droplets in every direction. The second and third eruptive flow was thicker, creamier and more coalesced, leaving ribbons around Jennifer's neck, chest and breasts. Jennifer, feeling the warm and heavy wetting on her skin, watched Colleen for her reaction, pleased to see the results of there plan play out on her face.

Sam, unable to witness the spectacular ejaculation, was left to his own devices. His thrusting style was similar to that of dogs. It wasn't until Jennifer leaned back from Dale and turned to watch the fucking of her friend that his orgasm grew to impending eruption. The last thing Sam's eyes would see was the gooey mess on Jennifer's breast, chest, neck and face. They then rolled back into his head and his cock expanded to a rock hard spear.

Colleen felt his reaction in her tight Kegel muscle grasp and leaned forward enough to let him slip out of her. Jennifer watched as Sam's penis leapt up suspended in air, throbbing and glistening, pulsating as the squirts of cum piddled on Colleen's butt.

Sam collapsed in a pile of human flesh on the floor. Dale was slowly recovering his senses on the couch. It was then the plan the two friends had put together so many months ago was now ready to come to fruition.

Colleen crawled off the couch and slowly approached Jennifer as she sat on her knees, leaning back on her arms. They softly kissed and then Colleen began to lick at the drippings Dale had left on her neck and chest. Both he and Sam became suddenly very interested in what was happening between the two women.

After Colleen finished cleaning the cum off Jennifer's breasts, they kissed again. This time sharing the collected juices with open mouth and tonguing. Sam and Dale's mouths dropped in awe. Then Jennifer moved around to the back of Colleen and began to offer the same housekeeping services for Sam's spent. The men watched as Jennifer's tongue touches and licks proceeded up and down Colleen's shapely bottom. Again, after most of it was lapped into her mouth, Jennifer moved to open mouth kiss Colleen.

It was that night their nicknames Tits and Ass became immortalized in urban legend. Most people didn't take the story serious although it was too good of a story not to pass along. Only a few that truly knew them would become believers, after all Colleen and Jennifer were best friends, were inseparable, and appeared to enjoy all activities and experiences together.

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