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At The Movies

Do you love the movies? I do. I love going to the movies. The new stadium-style theatres are the best thing going. I still go to the drive-in as well. But my movie viewing by far is via DVD. My 27" flat screen Sharp TV, Sony PS2 utilizing component video, and Logitech sound system have served me well. I do plan to someday get a HDTV LCD widescreen (not projection), THX digital audio sound and DVR with harddrive. But other larger and much needed purchases supercede my big boy toy buying habits at this time. Things like buying a town house or condo, a new car, college expenses for one of my children.

I've been a member of Netflix for over 3 years and also joined Blockbuster OnLine several months ago. At the moment I'm watching on average 18 DVD's per month and to date have sent over 300 DVDs through the postal system. I watch movies like some people watch TV. I'm not anti-TV by any means. I do have some TV programs that I regularly tape on VHS then watch at a time of my choosing. I'll never be a TIVO subscriber though. When I get around to purchasing one, my DVR will record whatever I want without requiring a monthly subscription fee to do it. Just like my VCR does now. I don't need a programming schedule on my TV/DVR to know what's on. That's what the Internet is for. About the only live broadcasts I watch anymore are sporting events. I'm just to addicted to the Pause and other buttons on my remote and my life is to busy to plan around what's on TV.

I watch virtually all genres: Action/Adv., Anime, Classic, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Romance, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Thriller.
The genres I watch that drive my kids nuts and have them questioning my sanity are Documentary, Foreign (subtitled, not dubbed) and most Independent. I like low-brow to campy to art house to "Hollywood" movies. I doubt that I qualify as a movie buff but I really do enjoy conversations with other movie lovers. I agree more often with Golden Globe than Oscar and I've found that recommendations from various Film Festivals are usually worth the time. I rarely read movie critic reviews before seeing them first.

Sex in the Movies:
If you enjoy films will real sex performed in them then try any or all of the following:

In the Realm of the Senses (1976) NC-17
Baise Moi (2000) UR
Caligula (1980) NR
A Real Young Girl (2001) NR
Intimacy (2001) NR
The Dreamers (2004) NC-17
Emanuelle in America (1976) NR

If you're just a casual movie fan, timid to extreme graphical content (besides the sex) or just interested in looking for hard core porn then I'll save you some time, you will probably hate these.

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