Erotika...the first...  

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5/21/2006 11:52 am

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Erotika...the first...

OK this is my first go at a major story...bear with me! And tell me what you think...!!!
CJ x

It's a sunny, balmy afternoon, and I am walking through my local woods. Singing to myself, with my ipod on, I'm oblivious to the world around me.

The sun casts many a shadow in the woods, and it begins to get darker as the woods get denser, and the afternoon starts to turn to evening.

I have not yet noticed that it has begun to get darker, but I suddenly become intensely aware there is someone walking quite closely behind me. I instantly know it is a masculine presence behind me...I can smell the scent of his skin wafting towards me...

I'm calm, anyone can walk in here, but I'm wondering why he has to walk quite so close to me! I keep at my pace, if he means to make me nervous, he's picked the wrong girl! The woods are very dense now, the path is beginning to get hard to follow. The guy never quite catches up to me, but he's always in my sightline.

The glimpses I do catch of him, without turning round too much, hes quite tall, sandy brown hair, clean shaven and from my snatched looks, quite cute...

As the path peters out, I'm faced with a decision... to make myself climb through the brush, or face this guy and double back on myself. Luckily, before the path dissapears completely, I come into a small clearing. I stop and try to assess the situation...

Suddenly, I feel the heat from the guys body as he stands directly behind me, the tang of his sweat filling my senses. I feel like I should scream, but I dont feel threatened by this man. He touches my hair, I jump, not expecting the contact so soon. He sweeps my hair to one side and slowly strokes the curve of my neck with his fingertips. I begin to shiver, not with cold, but with anticipation...

I still haven't seen his face yet, not really wanting to yet... I'm completely passive, I let him slowly run his fingers towards my back, gently pushing down my jacket until it falls on the ground. I'm wearing a strappy top underneath, so my shoulders are almost all exposed, both of his hands are on me now, so, so slowly stroking my bare skin.
I feel the heat intensify on my neck as he kisses my neck so softly, grazing my skin with his lips.
I sigh and he holds my arms and pulls me towards him, pulling me into himself, moulding my body to his, as he still kisses my neck and down my shoulder.

Im acheing to turn around to see him, as I try to, he stops me keeps me planted on the spot. He raises my arms, I oblige, and he takes my top off, revealing my crisp white bra undeneath. Still behind me, he cups my breasts in his hands and lets out a groan. Stroking the outside of the lace, I feel my nipples grow erect at his touch. He slides one hand down towards my bow of my wrap skirt, and with one swift movement, unties it and it flutters to the ground.
Still kissing my back, neck and shoulders, he becomes a little rougher, nipping my skin here and there, and it begins to drive me wild...

He is still fully clothed, I am totally under his power...Knowing this just makes me more aroused, and yet again, I try to turn to see his face. He takes my arms and pushes me towards a tree, making me lean on it with my hands. He takes a step back, and he can see me in the dim light, just my bra and french knickers on... I hear the sound of clothing being dropped to the floor, and suddenly he is back on me, biting, licking and grasping my skin. I feel that me has only taken his jacket off, still with his tshirt and jeans on.

He presses into me, I can make out his incredible hard-on, pushing into my back. He takes off my bra, and slowly pushed my knickers down to the floor. I can feel now that I am incredibly wet, Im acheing to touch myself and as I go to, he grabs my hand and places it back onto the tree.
He uses his knee to force my legs apart, quite roughly so I stumble a bit, and he waits until I have steadied myself. Im shivering still with anticipation, and he steps back again. It seems like an age, then I feel the heat of his hand as he reaches between my legs. He still doesn't touch me, I groan and go to tell him to stop teasing, but sensing I am about to speak, he gently puts his hand on my mouth and tells me "ssh" in my ear. I obey, then yet again, he makes me wait... When Im just about to lower myself onto his hand, I feel him stroke my pussy lips with one finger, not quite pushing inside yet though. He continues to do this so slowly, just stroking my lips, making me shudder...

Then he removes his hand, and I feel a rush of air, as he sits below me. I try to look down at his face, but now its pitch black and cant see a thing, only feel...
His face is tantalisingly close to me, and he brings his hand up again, and delves his fingers inside my lips. I let out a long awaited groan, and he begins to softly stroke my clit, getting faster and faster until I feel the buildup of orgasm...Im almost there, and he stops when I'm on the brink. He pushes my lips apart, and brings his face towards my cunt, and deftly uses to blade of his tongue to flick across my clit, again and again, til yet again he brings me to the brink, but stops just before I come.

My legs are shaking now, and Im moaning softly, wishing he'd let me come. He begins again with his tongue, then suddenly slides two fingers inside of me, massaging my g-spot as he pushes hard inside of me. I cant take it anymore, almost screaming, the buildup has been too strong, and he feels the pulses running along his fingers from my orgasm.
He slowly laps up my juices, taking his time, as the waves subside.

He gets up, and I still behind me, I hear him take his clothes off. Then I feel his massive cock as he comes back to me, resting on my bottom. I try to reach around to feel him, but yet again, he places my hands back on the tree.
I tilt my hips forward so he can gain access to my hot and ready pussy...he grabs my hips and pushes himself into me. Its a shock as he is quite rough, and he pushes right to the hilt. I cry out in pain, but as he begins to thrust inside me, the pain subsides to pleasure.
He has a tight grip on my hips as me pushes harder and harder inside me, hitting my gspot again and again, feeling his balls slap against my ass.
No teasing now, I think he is ready to keep on going with me, and I feel myself climaxing again, he slows slightly, to feel the pulses along his rock hard cock.
He then pulls himself out of me, and pushes me down onto the grass. Lying on my back, he kneels infront of me, grabs my legs and pulls me towards him, yet again pushing hard into me, this time holding my legs high and wide apart.
I understand to keep them there, as he starts to use his thumb on my clit.
Harder and harder he's pushing into me, Im screaming and moaning so loud... Another orgasm rips through me, then I feel his cock contract and he calls out as he climaxes hard into me.

I lie there, post climactic, not able to move, as he starts to get dressed. He helps me up, and takes my face in his hands, and kisses me slowly and deeply. He waits until I am dressed, and we find our way out of the woods. Just before we leave the wood, he takes me again and kisses me softly on the lips. He heads out before me... And not wanting to spoil it, I wait until I know I will not see his face, then leave myself, singing all the way home...

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5/21/2006 12:24 pm

That was hot were can I find a situation like that. Did you go walking out there again?

TryAnythingOften 54M
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12/1/2006 2:36 pm

Wonderful erotic story. Could picture it all the way. Don't let it be your last. With an imagination like that being with you must be a lot of fun.

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