chubby loving-men actually love chubby women  

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1/17/2006 12:45 am

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chubby loving-men actually love chubby women

Got this fact from the internet:-

SEATTLE (Wireless Flash) -- Here's a big fat secret about American men: One out of 20 is a chubby chaser who lusts after large ladies. That's according to plus-size model Katie Arons, the author of a dating guide for hefty honeys called "Sexy At Any Size". Arons says many big women think their size turns guys off, but the truth is that many men love ladies on the plump side -- they're just too embarrassed to admit it. If you're a large lady looking for love, Arons suggests you try wear clingy clothes that will accentuate your ship-sized shape. She says guys will gladly gravitate toward a confident women with curves over a skinny woman any day. Chubby ladies can also boost their confidence before they dive into the dating scene by visiting places that worship women with a little meat on their bones -- like Hawaii or the Bahamas. Arons says once large ladies accept themselves as sex symbols, the chubby-chasing men will "come out of the closet" in droves.

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