Personal polls?  

rm_cummalot3 44M
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3/8/2006 7:03 pm
Personal polls?

More useless comments i left on a blog recently:-

'Never was one for the direct approach...always prefer the suave James Bond approach like ..."excuse me, have you seen my aston martin? its the silver one with the machine gun tailpipe" always works with the Jalan Petaling bar girls

You know, when you start examining people, to find out muzz details about them, they tend to become less attractive and less interesting. Worst still, if you find one that'll suit your 'polls', and then find out that you have nothing in common with him/her

Its best to date a stranger, maybe it'll work out....and the best part is you'll find out something new and interesting about him/her every single day....variety is the LCD of life.

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