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12/8/2005 9:47 pm

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Lunch Date

Its about 1pm now and i've just back from lunch with Ms.X at Damansara Utama, its the first time i've met her near her office. It was kinda weird because most of her friends joined us and it was a noisy bunch. But we had a good lunch together. I noticed that she was not uncomfortable about the situation at all, in fact, she kept me involved in the conversations between her friends (most of her friends know that she's married, some even know her husband), but she was sooo cool about my presence there and even sat next to me.

What a gracious lady this is. She has the grace and manners of a queen. Later, we walked to my car together leaving her friends behind. She said she wanted a lift to the bank nearby but once we were in the car, she kissed me....hmmm....then she told me to drive around where she kissed my hands and ...etc.(mostly kissing). She has soft warm lips...ahhh...what can i say.

I'll be going on one my short holidays soon and already i know that i'll miss her i getting deep with her...i don't know....must keep a clear head. She's the kind i could easily fall for.

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