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11/24/2005 1:58 am

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Contented Cummalot

I’ve been lucky these past couple of weeks hunting on this site. I made initial contact with a lady and later met her and have had a great time so far. I suppose I owe it to my fellow members to at least relate the exciting events that happened during these past 2 or so weeks:-

It was a couple of weeks back one afternoon when I logged on and joined the chat messenger. I casually sent a message with a simple greeting to this lady (lets just refer to her as Ms. A) and she immediately replied back with a likewise greeting. To cut it short, we chatted for a while and I gave her my handphone number (I don’t always do this, Yeah rite!). Later that night, she called and we talked over the phone for an hour or so mostly about likes and dislikes and a bit about chatting on an adult site. I found her very intriguing and well informed (besides, she had one helluva sexy voice). Basically, she’s married, have children, have a busy husband who’d rather spend time on his business, friends, golf, etc., then with her. She’s a businesswoman as well and has a successful business but of late, sorely missed having male company (so she said). Before we hung up, we agreed to meet at a popular spot in KL (so as not to attract attention).

When I got there, I immediately sms her and she replied she was waiting in front of a fast food joint. As I was walking towards the place, I noticed several ladies standing around there (bear in mind that this was the first meeting). To my surprise, I saw this incredibly sexy and beautiful lady coming towards me, smiling with her hand extended “you must be my cummalot”. I was dumbfounded. She was totally different from what she told me she’d looked like. She comforted me “surprised?”, I meekly nodded my head and blurted stupidly “you said you were kinda plain and not that good looking?”, She immediately answer “why?, you wanted someone like that?”. After the initial shock, I regained my composure and tried my macho best to gentlemanly invite her for a drink nearby (by this time, some guys nearby was ogling at her). I meekly asked her whether she had expected to meet someone like me (well I had to know whether she was just being nice or was actually interested). She said she was honestly expecting to meet some lewd middle aged guy with a ‘boncit’ tummy, balding hair and very ‘gatal’ hands and that I was totally the opposite (how nice of her, but seriously, I think she needed spectacles). She jokingly said, that I would do until Harrison Ford answers her calls.

Again, to cut it short, we talked, laughed a lot, just enjoyed her company, had a bit to drink, when she said something to the effect that she was in the ‘mood’ and we should go somewhere more private. We then drove around looking for an appropriate place and later found a hotel not far off. I parked in the basement and told her to wait while I booked a room. Later, she came up, sat on the bed and talked for a while and well what can I say, it was a slow, smooth, lovely, extremely passionate burn. To be honest, i totally explored her, every nook, every pore, get the picture. I was in heaven when she returned the favour. The love making was incredible, audible and passionate. She was good to the extent that I thought I haven’t done enough and went down on her several times (in different positions around the room). After that, we just cuddled and talked about silly things. Perfect.

Later, we headed downtown again and I casually asked…you know…whether she was happy about the evening so far. She answered yes but bluntly told me that it was just sex for her and hoped that I won’t have feelings for her. At first, I was somewhat glad she said that but deep down, I wished this woman was mine (yes, I know I’m a pig). She told me frankly, her husband had been ignoring her lately (must be one dumbass) and needed to feel a man…..ahem. She said I was perfect as long as we kept it discreet. I playfully crossed my heart and swore to the effect. We agreed to meet again and even devised a secret code to sms each other.

Well, what can I say, I never though I’d actually meet someone so beautiful and sexy and smart, good in bed, and ….the list goes on and on, on this site. I was just happy (well you know the feeling guys). Actually, the truth is, I really didn’t initially cared about her looks because she was attractive over the phone. In fact, the truth is, I’m just incredibly sexually attracted to her. I guess the chemistry was right. It just clicked, you know. It was perfect. I’ve met her a couple more times over the past couple of weeks and even went to her place for Raya, pretending to be a client (avoiding eye contact with the husband though but adored her kids) and even got her blessings to blog about our encounters (with the exclusion of names, places, time etc.).

What can I say, I’m stopping my endeavourers here for a while until who knows…maybe until she gets bored with me (hope that’s not gonna happen, keeping my fingers crossed). Or until….who knows. So guys…see ya all

sassybelle21 32F
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11/28/2005 7:39 pm

omfg buncit and gatal joke was funny as hell i always have a good time with my german lover *sassy does the happy dance*.

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