For my Love A Comfort Rug  

rm_cuml8er 55M
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6/2/2005 8:00 pm

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For my Love A Comfort Rug

When time drew nigh that we should part
My love and I with heavy heart
A wondrous gift she gave to me
A blanket wove of memory.

For in its weave the nights we shared
The passion, lust, the love, the care
A vibrant weave so full and rich
Love evident in every stitch.

“When night’s dark pool will bring you down
When despair’s so great you fear to drown
Beneath this rug I bid you lay
To keep the dark and fear away”

As time draws on and memories fade
This blanket with such love was made
Has seen me through the cold dark night
Has shored my mind ‘til morning light.

But frequent use has seen it wear
Its weave is marred by split and tear
The night strays in to play on thought
In web of doubts my dreams are caught.

But in lovers arms I’ll be again
She’ll quiet the fears, dispel my pain
Repair the weave but add more to
To reassure her love so true.

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