I've got a bad feeling about this....  

rm_cumcoton 40F
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8/12/2006 3:44 am

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8/21/2006 8:38 pm

I've got a bad feeling about this....

I joined AdultFriendFinder, not really knowing what it was, but I've met some "nice" people on here. Hell, girls, I even fell in love, so it is possible. Sure 99.5 of the people on this site are looking to get laid. Believe me, I'm not saying sex isn't important, but it isn't everything. Its funny, I may be 30 years old but I remember going out on my first date and how I got goose-bumps when we held hands. The older I got, the higher the expectations got from men. What happened to chivalry? It went out with the burning of the bras and womens lib.
Sadly enough, I've lost my faith in mankind because of this. Because of these expectations from men, because the lack of chivalry. Women are no better, unfortunately. And that is sad. Recently I met a few women on here and thought they were so very kind, but right when I turned my back I found daggers in it.
And that people, is the real reason AdultFriendFinder exists. Not to make friends, not to fall in love or find chivalry, but to let you have sex and still keep your wall up, still keep that guard up. A lot of us learn the hard way...but we learn, and it just adds more concrete to the wall surrounding us.
Sorry about the ranting and Raving...just had to do it.
PS Anyone up for some rabbit stew?

tracy_de_lacy 105F
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8/12/2006 4:35 am

I, like you, met my boyfriend here. I have been seeing him for almost a year. It is such a pity that there are people like the ones you have come across, I think we've all met those folk. There are good guys out there. Keep on looking.

Yuck on the rabbit stew

Bye everyone, it was a blast

GB_Cple 66M/55F  
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8/12/2006 5:34 am

People seem to behave differently, as they do in "real" life on sites such as this. We have had the good fortune to chat and meet with some very nice ppl, since we have been here.

The men one receives silly mails from and the braggarts in the chat rooms are really just normal ppl after all, it would appear that the anonymity here seems to provoke such behavior , stick with it , there are some really nice gentlemen , and women here, it just takes time to get to know them
and welcome to blogging

oraladventure05 51M

8/12/2006 6:14 am

we been chattin a while, your a hun, not all of us are as we seem in cyber, and thats both the good and the bad, sometimes this cyber world hides a world of pain behind it too, your a precious jewel in a firmament sadly lacking in precious jewels, dont lose your lustre.


rm_cumcoton replies on 8/12/2006 8:03 pm:
Oh Oral, what can I say. You're a great confidant, friend, etc... You won't let me lose that lustre. Our coversations are wonderful and have held me together. X X X X X

angelofmercy5 58F
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8/12/2006 6:47 am

Welcome to the blogs! You sound very smart for your 30 years. I too wish that chivalry wasn't dead.....but I have found some...even here...that still believe in treating a lady like a lady. And if men only knew that making a lady feel cherished also makes her feel very sexy....well, you know. I hope you'll stop by my blog sometime and say hi!

rm_cumcoton replies on 8/12/2006 7:58 pm:
yes, I believe that men have forgotten that the little things matter and make us feel attractive, and how the most minute thing can crush us. I'm sure there are wonderful people on this site...and I have met quite a few. It's just sad that a few men and women can destroy it for all.

rm_hdguy77 43M

8/12/2006 7:36 am

sorry to read this and feel that relationship between women and men is still a complex process.
i'm too young on AdultFriendFinder to be able to give any value judgment nevertheless
i can only tell that it allows me to chat with interesting people such as a certain L...
do chivalry and princess still exist ? certainly yes
kiss a frog ...who knows
anyway, good day for me, 3 new englsh word in my vocabulary (stew, ranting,ravin)not bad for a french men day !

ZZ_Todd 59M

8/12/2006 8:40 am

Yep! This is the place! The people I've met are some of the finest people I've ever met... and seeing them in my blog, or them seeing me in theres each day is such a thrill for me. These are my friends... true friends. We welcome you to this little corner of the world, and look forward to being your friends!

rm_cumcoton 40F

8/12/2006 2:35 pm

You all have such very good and insightful views on this subject. I've kissed my fair share of frogs to become so pessimistic. And basically, you are all right, on the net we can be whomever we chose to be. Some just decide to make up facades and pretend to be someone their not. Unfortunately, a good portion of us can't be deceitful like that. No, I will not quit living my life, but at the same time, I fell incomplete now.

**Do Not Kiss or Lick the Red Frogs, Will Cause Vivid Hallucinations**

turbo_powerxx 40M

8/20/2006 2:05 am

i have a sayin babe sex is not the be all and end all there is more to life than sex! cathal x x x x

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