My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad and Other Crap  

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4/15/2006 7:01 pm

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4/27/2006 9:37 am

My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad and Other Crap

I'm trying to figure why there are arguments in chatrooms. I've seen a lot of them lately, and I really can't figure out the purpose. All it does is air out a bunch of stuff that should have never seen the light of day....let alone a public forum. I've seen name calling and "threatening" and verbal abuse. I've seen a lot of it begin with some offhand comment from one chatter to another aimed to disparage another person in the room. If something they did or said offends you, then just say that to the person - directly and then be done no matter what else they have to say about it. I don't get it. If someone has a problem with someone else....just don't talk to or about them anymore. Leave it alone and let it disappear into the great void that is cyber space. If there comes a time when one party feels like going ahead and talking sensibly to the other, then so be it. Don't keep escalating to the point that it becomes ridiculous. Blow it off and move on. There are thousands of other people on here to chat with, literally. Some things should never occur in front of an audience because those things have a tendency to show others present who you really are behind that computer screen and some of it is terribly disappointing and a lot of it only confirms what people already thought of the offending party. If you aren't mature enough to "play" with adults, then don't "play" where the adults do. Go off to your own corner of the world and sulk by yourself...some of us on here are busy looking for someone who interests us for whatever purpose.

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4/16/2006 11:15 am


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