All Dressed Up With No Place To Go......  

rm_cuffedmuff 51F
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4/25/2006 7:04 pm

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4/28/2006 5:41 am

All Dressed Up With No Place To Go......

I'm sitting here at home making another entry to this blog and my feelings are hurt. I had plans to be somewhere else doing something that I really wanted to do, but it didn't work out, for whatever reason. I made all the necessary arrangements...and then....nothing. When is it that one should know better? How is someone supposed to know NOT to go ahead and make arrangements? I'm a single mom who works a lot and I rarely make plans because it's hardly ever convenient for me to just be me without being a mom and being someone else's employee. Then when things don't work out for whatever reason, I feel like I have wasted everyone else's time because I set everything up and got ready and then didn't actually go anywhere or do anything. Basically, I let my son have a sleepover in the middle of the week on a school night, so he is thrilled. I wish I could find some way to be only half as happy about it. I can't help but feel foolish. I'm a 40 year old woman who has been through this more than a couple of times. Did I fail to plan properly? Did I misread something? I obviously missed something important.....again. I am extremely selective so I don't make plans with everyone who asks. Actually, the ones who I do make plans with are really nice guys, so it's not fair to lump them in with the masses. It has to be something that I do or don't do that results in nights like this. I'm not even angry or surprised about being here to type this.....I am just surprised that I let myself get excited and make plans. So, at what point is any of this futile? When is it that one just quits? I guess the better question at the moment would be how much Crown Royal does it take to quit feeling stupid....

hardwood394 47M
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4/26/2006 7:29 am

bout half a fifth cuffed and i know what ya mean bout making plans and them falling through after awhile u just want to give up but you cant the one time you do make plans and they pan out maybe just be the last plan you will have to make or at least thats the way i have to look at it lol

rm_playbotatand 53M
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4/27/2006 6:33 am

Not because your 40'ish or a single mom, Im a single dad, It's TRUE friends that don't leave you hanging. Abet too few and far between. Q: how many licks does it take to get to the bottom of the crown royal? Never "feel" stupid, that only happens when you actually are.

RaytownRick 61M

4/27/2006 9:12 pm

It isn't your err--it is the other persons. What you have to do is remember that you didn't fail, they did. I hurt for you. I hurt every time I hear of such a story. What you have to do is place blame squarely where it belongs--on the person who failed you. You succeeded in getting excited about a new adventure--which is appropriate. You succeeded in making good plans--which was a success. The only part that broke down on what could have been a wonderful evening was the other person. Alcohol won't fix that problem. You need resolve, not to dissolve. Go after it again girl, and this time you may win.

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