A busted cherry  

rm_creamynights 54M/52F
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11/19/2005 12:45 pm

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11/30/2006 10:23 pm

A busted cherry

Ya know all this time I have been fantasizing about my first MFM romp. I knew just what I wanted. I want a Black, thick dick, that's droolin with a pink exaggerated head.I wanted to see everthing clearly, you know what a I mean,clean shaven. So I can toss the salad.There is nothin like feeling the head of a dick expand in my mouth. Just as he may feel like a NuTT is about to happen,then from there I gotta pull back and lickthose twins, lick that asshole. You know tease him alittle. I could see this so clearly. this engorged Black penis just throbbin' to open up my cute tight pussy. I'll be creamy just from suckin that bog ol' dick. He was just the right size. He was at least a NINE, and I had a 8 right next to that! I sucked both of those cocks like I was loosin' my mind. I was nervous it being my first menagatoire. But this was something I WANTED. I was in exstacy as both of yall licked on my carmel colored breast, lickin between my pussy lips, and pokin'in and out of my caramel ass with his tongue. I was so excited!When I could open my eyes, I saw my oh so very superfinesexyass man. Oh my Goodness, and he's packin. Just then he raises up over me and puts his dick up in my mouth. His dick got that pre-nut oozin and I'm lickin up every drop. He taste sodamn good on my tongue. Both of them runnin' their hands and fingers into this carressssin' my clit, til I'm beggin' and I do mean beggin for penetration. I'm all out of breath, almost at the point of tears my clit was throbbin, and pussy burnin' up. I mean HOTTT. So here comes the Stud. He moves me back on the matress. I took Off my pink thong,I opened my leggs real WIDE on our Blue silky Comforter. My baby was so happy for mehe had planned this romp especially for me. He knew just what I need, and He knows how to give it to me. But this time my romantic Romeo, smoothasilk lover let someone else hit this pussy. OOOOOOHWEEEEEEEE, I felt him open my pussy real slllow. He started workin' the head into the back.I could feel that black dick all the way in my ass.With each inch he moved I inhaled real deep and slow. I just knew that i was in for some real good fuckin'!! But as he started to get into the vibe and feelin' my white cum flowin down his pole,he got too damn excited. He started poundin' my shit!! I thought, this muther****** need to get up! So I pushed against him. But He was heavy, and decided he wasn't going nowhere. MY pussy was so tight on his dick he wasn't about to move.My Baby couldn't see me cause I buried under him. So I decided to calm down and enjoy the ride. I got wet, faked a orgasm & flipped hie ass over. I showed him how too take your time. I road that black dick slowly. Teasin' him, sucked my baby cock while he watched, worked my hips and pussy lips, grippinthat telephone pole til he could not hold it no longer. YEP! I MADE THAT NIGGAH NUTT. My cherry was sure enough busted. But I couldn't enjoy the juice!!

VACaliente4U 47F
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9/12/2006 7:36 am

fantasy or testimonial?

Either way, I enjoyed it. Keep it up.


rm_creamynights 54M/52F
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11/30/2006 10:23 pm

Thanx. Look at what I did for a birthday giveaway...

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